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Everyone be stand Because am came in fiverr

am a new on fiveer am a computer science student
I work with my teachers but last day i know about fivere.
i know i do very good work in fiverr because my teachers helps me very well in mine practice.
Just like internship i work in office and typing very long topices so i have also experience of typing very well.



[Any Archer fans out there?]


God, please. If you can’t care enough to spell-out “Fiverr” correctly, I wonder where you would go anywhere.

Anyways, welcome to the platform. Hope Fiverr gives you tremendous scope for improvement and accomplishment.


Welcome to Fiverr! (without the last e, with an extra r, and make sure not to confuse it with Fiber or Fever)

However, I do hope your thread title is meant to be funny, because asking people to stand because one comes to Fiverr doesn’t sound appropriate as it makes people feel treated with superiority :wink:

Also, I’m curious - your profile says you “copy paste just like professionals” - what do you mean by that?

NOTE: this is not meant to make fun of anyone - I am genuinely telling the OP how Fiverr is properly spelled, and how his thread title might be misunderstood, as well as asking a valid question about something I didn’t understand.


thanks off all for supporting new user of fiverr


The expression on the dog’s face is priceless…:heart_eyes:


like a boss :wink:

Welcome to Fiverr. Hope you get the best out of your skills here.

@writer99025, Yay! Had a great Diwali this time. :sparkler: :fireworks: :sparkler: Hope the same with you and best wishes for the forthcoming year! Sunday or Monday… everyday is Holiday for us freelancers :smile:

@saddu_writer, lol! I didn’t imagine that… but pretty much explains OP’s request!

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I looked at your profile and you need to make gigs if you hope to earn any money here. Go to Fiverr Academy to learn what you need to know.