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EVERYONE ! dont give up

I just wanted to tell all of you , YOU are not a failure if you haven’t got an order yet, I didn’t get a single order in 6 months.I still come online every 3 hours waiting for that one chance to prove myself. Just wait ,be patient and work hard fellas.
Each and everyone of you is awesome .You will be great in other people’s perspectives only if you are the greatest in your own.
“If you have nothing ,only then can you have everything” :wink:


I would agree that this doesn’t make someone a failure but surely there must be better things to do or try than simply wait.


That genuinely depends on the amount of passion for something, If you are madly passionate about something and you are talented in that field. I don’t think waiting for that one chance is a bad deal.


Oh yes of course, what I mean is that perhaps one should be more proactive rather than just waiting.


No one who is passionate about something has ever achieved great success in the things they are passionate about, by doing nothing with their passion. Sitting around and waiting for things to happen is not the definition of achieving success.


This is the fiverr forum ,Did you get your first order without waiting ?

Nope. I earned my first order by being proactive, and appealing to the needs of my target customers. I’ve done the same for the thousands of orders I’ve earned since then as well.

If you want to become successful, don’t sit around and expect someone else to make it happen for you. Set goals, and work hard to meticulously achieve them.


Thank You, that was quite inspiring :grin:


But by waiting i didn’t mean to just publish your gig and sit on your chair. I meant that one should not lose hope if he isn’t achieving anything KEEP WAITING FOR THE CHANCE. Some get the chance just sitting on their chair, some might not get it even by being proactive and doing all the stuff you did.

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You could also try creating additional gigs if you aren’t getting orders on the existing ones (including after sending offers to BR) to see if those new gigs on new topics would be better for orders.

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Thank you for the suggestion.:+1::relaxed:

I’m sorry. but you should abandon all hope.

If you have not had an order in 6-months, you are doing something wrong. Hoping won’t fix anything. The definition of insanity is repeating the same actions over and over but expecting a different outcome. You are, therefore, being insane by expecting something to change just by waiting for an order.

You have not made a sale. Delete all of your gigs, create new ones, and try again. If they don’t sell, do the same. If they don’t sell, find another occupation.

To not be insane on Fiverr, you have to know when to give up. The same is true in life.


AWESOME OPINION, keep it :wink:

I see by another post @muhammad_ali_22 got a bit of good advice which he chose to follow. Maybe the changes will help him. :thinking:

That was an interesting comeback. I am going to have to place it in my memory for future use. :wink:


I must say your reply made me laugh there but the reality is that Cyaxrex has given you the best advice in a more direct way than anyone else. It’s exactly what I was thinking but was less direct in what I said.
You should learn to listen to well put, rational and direct advice, even when it stings or isn’t what you want to hear - it will help a lot.


As in Poker you have to know when to hold’em and know when to fold’em. Checking in every three hours for six months without a sale might mean it’s time to fold’em.


So that’s why so many on here pretend to be women – to get out of hard work.

Seriously, though, have you yourself been working hard? You don’t have to answer. It’s a question for you to meditate on.

The reason I ask is that you incorrectly use written conventions – like punctuation. Knowledge of spacing, punctuation and capitalisation is essential if you want to write for a living.

You can probably master these conventions in a few weeks.


Yes i did, i edited my gigs .
I have implemented all the ideas i got.
You can keep the comeback, no copyrights brother,:grin:

Today was my first day on this forum, i hope to do better after today. You gave me some ideas which i have implemented in my gigs, i changed my description as well, just as you suggested. i had zero guidance. If this doesn’t work than it might be time to quit Fiverr not the work.

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I am actually quite shocked with the difference between the gig description before and after you edited it. It’s such a huge difference that I cannot understand how you waited six months to do it! Well done - it’s really nice to see someone listen to the advice and take a while to make the changes so well done and I wish you the best of luck.