Everyone help me please


Even though the client did the job properly, the client says that the job has not been done, then the revision has been sent, but I have decided to do all that is not working as Client.
But I can not see any problem. Client surveillance is sent to the non-suspension revision


Trying to work this one out.

You’re the seller, you client asked for a revision which you did.

Your buyer’s still not happy but you can’t see why - is that about it?

I have no idea what this means.


Your words don’t make any sense. I hope your clients speaks a language that you understand, orelse it will be always a disaster.


I really would love to give my thoughts and help but I’m afraid I can’t get the context of what you’re saying…


I don’t think that he sent any revision at all. Look at his profile. There’s no “Recent Delivery” time.


Hm - that’s not what was said here:

Perhaps the order’s been cancelled? Only OP can tell us…


This is wierd :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I guess that would explain why there’s not “Recent Delivery” time (and his topic about the completed order might have been about a delivered order that wasn’t marked as complete yet).