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Everyone should know that

I’ve been working on Fiverr for about 2 months. I love Fiverr, but some things are really annoying and disappointed. I’ve worked for a client 1 month ago, but he decided to get refunded for his order through paypal. The seller left a great feedback and everything was fine… till 1 month later.

Fiverr support team sent me a message and said that when Credit Cards are stolen or other fraudulent activities happen they remove the money from my balance, even if it not my fault. So, I worked for free =’(. It’s only 20$, but I was guessing what happen if it was 200$.

Just sharing this to let you know that Fiverr can’t do nothing for you.


It has already been discussed many times on the forum.

Here’s a useful one:


There are several sellers here who won’t work on any orders larger than $20 or $40 for that exact reason. That’s why some say they would prefer to work on 10 x $20 project than 1 x $200 project.

Frankly, I don’t think any buyer should pay more than $20 on a gig until they know the seller’s work ethics. I only order large gigs on sellers that I have established a long-term relationship and know he/she won’t cheat me. In the same way a seller wouldn’t want to take large orders from me until they know what kind of a buyer I am.

I know the feeling, the first time someone returned an ebook of mine, I had to scratch my head. I didn’t know A-Zon allowed ebooks to be returned.


I think I’d look into legal action if I had a big order that came back to me in this way. Fiverr have a duty to check their buyers. It’s one of the main reasons for going through an intermediary like Fiverr. Let’s hope they sort themselves out in this area.

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