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Everyone wants perfection! (VENTING)

Goodness am I annoyed. I woke up to a buyer who wants to me edit a story… in my terms I even note I don’t promise perfect I promise an awesome story and I don’t do edits at all. Why don’t people get that!? UGH…

The worst part – he waited until the order was already marked completed by the system to say this! Now for the second time in the last two weeks – I have to go fiverr to get the order canceled. :frowning: How embarrassing.

I could cry – this pushes me farther back to being a top rated seller. :frowning:

When a buyer doesn’t like the story I cancel the order I place it into my portfolio for offline clients ; so it’s not a real lost but it is so annoying!

Why do people want perfection when my terms even say … I’m not perfect but you’ll get an awesome story.

Vent over… thanks for listening :slight_smile:

Reply to @david388: You’re so kind, thank you.

Yes, the 3-star review is very frustrating. I miss the days when buyers had two options, thumbs up, thumbs down. The day I saw 98% become 97% after a 3-star review was the day I saw that there’s nothing positive about 3-stars. 4-5 stars or nothing, buyers who give us 3 stars aren’t doing us any favors, even if we get to keep the money.

Some want perfection for $5. I guess perfection is in the eye of the beholder. There are some gigs I felt I really connected with and thought it was my best work to only be disappointed when the buyer thought differently and would ask for a complete do over. UGH!

It makes you wonder if some buyers are not playing a game. They got one article out of you, now they will try for 2 by saying they want a rewrite of the first.

At times, I wonder if buyer and sellers are not in a tug of war and usually the buyer wins out. Be it by getting a refund plus a free gig while the seller gets nothing but frustration and lost time.

As a side note: I noticed your gig is on Vacation mode. Not sure if you read the posts in the forum about vacation mode, but you may want to consider pausing the gigs, v.s. vacation. It has to do with rankings but I want you know that I have no official insight…I’m just going by what others have said here on the forum.

Reply to @steveeyes: I do agree with you completely. I feel that so many people just want awesome stuff for as cheap as possible and when it comes to writing stuff they want to take advantage of hard working people.

I considered pausing my gigs but there were too many orders to do so. I think I had tried that when I had like 100 orders in query and the system said something about those orders… I can’t remember what. I asked in here before going on vacation mode…

I just need to catch up and finish quickly!


Reply to @chimicawriting and @steveeyes: I’ve done both pausing gigs and vacation time. I don’t see much difference, and at least with vacation time your buyers can see you’re taking a day or few days off. With pausing, your gigs just disappear. When I have paused, I do put a note in my profile message about when I’ll put the gigs back up. I’ve never done either pausing or vacation for more than 3 days in a row so that might be why there hasn’t been much difference.

And sorry about the difficult buyer! This is one reason I’m not writing on here but sticking to proofing and copyediting. Writing is just so subjective and takes too much of my time for the money. That said, I’m glad there are good writers like you here!

yes, but no matter what you do, when you are creating any kind of art materials, writing a story or designing a logo or making a video, not everyone is always going to like it. It’s completely subjective.

Buyers can request a modification in the system. And to answer this question “Why do people want perfection when my terms even say … I’m not perfect but you’ll get an awesome story.”…Nowhere does that imply you will not do revises. YOu may want to experiment with how you word this disclaimer and what you are really intending. ARE you really trying to say you don’t do revises, that the story you get is simply the story you get and that’s it? If so, say it more directly.

I think some buyers are there to frustrate you. I wrote an academic paper for somebody and he asked me to do extra work at an extra fee but since I was busy I declined. He suggested to cancel the order because I was not ready to do the extra work yet I had completed the earlier work as agreed with him. Should there be a system that can check your work in regard to client’s needs if they are refusing to accept a well-written work. I believe he never wanted to pay me for the work I had done.

If the order had been marked complete and you’d delivered as described on your gig page, you have absolutely no obligation to put through a cancellation or make the edits.

Next time this happens, point the buyer politely to your description. If they leave a negative review about not making edits (which are clearly not included as per your gig description), speak to CS and ask them to remove it.

If they won’t play ball, then consider a cancellation which will remove the feedback.

Play the hard ball if you need to - you do need to earn money when you work!

Reply to @sincere18:

I know for a fact that once I’m off vacation mode I’m going to add an extra for revisions. I note in my terms within the order that I don’t provide revisions but I agree. it’s time I put it in the gig itself. Thanks for the advice!

Reply to @okongo1:

I feel you! I had one buyer actually go into the file and make notes on what needed to be modified… I’m thinking … if you can make notes you can do it yourself… lol. AND THEN he wouldn’t let me cancel! I had to go to support to cancel the order because he kept aborting my request. That client was really trying to get free extras.

Sometimes it really does seem like buyers don’t think we are working hard. When we are extremely hardworking.

Reply to @deanstokes:

Love this idea! Thank you i’m going to try this. :slight_smile:

Tell me about it, I gave a buyer brand manes like ChefCleaver, SmartUtensils, GalleyZone and and what does he tell me?

"All the names are quite lengthy. I would request to please review and come back with single words."

I will do it, but it’s frustrating as well.

chimicawriting said: I could cry -- this pushes me farther back to being a top rated seller.

Not at all, you're going to get difficult buyers at every stage of the game. Don't think Top Rated Sellers have it any easier.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: they should be careful what they wish for… I can think of a few choice four-letter single words :smiley:

I feel you. Some buyers are great, others will never be satisfied.

The jobs I do are lengthy and complicated, and I almost always go an extra step without prompting. Which makes it worse with the customers who push it. I’ve had multiple customers who come up with more work for me on spot, or change their mind every two minutes. As soon as I complete one request, they have a brand new one, and since it’ll only take five minutes (in their imagination), I certainly shouldn’t charge for it.

Good on you for enforcing limits. As long as you delivered the gig you had agreed to, you’re not obligated to do more. In the past, by not enforcing limits, I have spent weeks working on a single gig. Overdelivering isn’t always good for you =)

Reply to @david388: Can you believe he requested another modification? Some people are never happy, I already requested a cancellation, I will lose $20, but at least I won’t waste anymore time.

I see you write sales copy. How do you feel when you deliver something you think it’s perfect, and they ask for a modification. Then you do it, and they still don’t like your work?

Reply to @fastcopywriter: I do! You actually gave me some really kind advice in my inbox a few months back when I was first launching my sales copy gig.

To answer your question, it drives me nuts. Even worse, the only 3-star review I’ve ever gotten here was from someone I delivered a SHINING piece of copy to, and when I saw his review for me, I clicked through to his site and discovered he had ALREADY added the copy I wrote into it. Guess he really hated it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I contacted him to ask how I could make things right, and he just removed the review altogether. Fine by me.

Reply to @chimicawriting: ? - I just looked at your gig, the childrends story one, that’s the only story one there. It doesn’t say anywhere at all in the gig that you do not do revises, so that right there is a problem.

Reply to @chimicawriting: I’m just realizing that you say it’s in your “terms” well, that doesn’t count at all. You can’t expect people to order and only after they order find out details like that about your gig. It absolutely has to be in the gig itself. Any details like that need to be in the gig. YOu have a ton of them in your queu so it looks like you are doing well.