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Everyone when Post Level one that time Me?

Everyone when Level One that time I lost my level. I am feeling so bad… :disappointed: Why Late delivery time decreases so fast but increases soo slow.


… so very disappointing for you … {{{hug}}}


Don’t be sad, once I was dropped. back to back twice, and ended up as a new seller. It took me around 4months to get back to level 2. Hope fully your stats will recover that late delivery thing, Good Luck to you.


So sad :pensive: :pensive: :pensive: :pensive: :pensive:


There’s also still a bug in the “on time” calc that could cause demotions - if extras are added to an order that’s in progress.

eg. if you deliver the first delivery on time and then you do multiple revisions and then at one point the buyer purchases an extra and in the extra you say it will take x days to complete that extra (where you mean x days from now), it will say the expected delivery date for that extra is order delivery days+nr of days specified for that extra (and any other extras) but if you’ve done a lot of revisions that date could be in the past (eg. days in the past), so as soon as they buy the extra it can send a message saying “you missed the deadline” whereas if they hadn’t bought the extra the delivery would have been counted as on time.


Sad to here that, hope you will get it soon

Hi @saminatasneem,

Sorry to know you lost your level.

Here’s the answer to your question. Please take a look at the graph I have made for you.

In red, it’s shown how the on-time delivery rate decreases and in blue, the amount of new orders you will need to deliver on time to bring it back to 100% (amount that depends on how many percentage points you have lost).

Values were calculated based on a total amount of 10 orders.



I don’t understand that graph.

It seems to say that after 5 cancelled orders you need to have 490 to make the rate up to 100% again. That seems like a lot …

Maths isn’t my strongpoint …


Since the graph was made based on a total amount of 10 orders, 5 late delivered orders will decrease the on-time delivery rate to 50%, and it will be needed almost 500 new on-time delivered orders to bring the rate back to 100%.

Basically, you will need around 10 new orders for every percentage point lost. Of course, the lose of percentage points depends on the total amount of orders you have. For example, 5 late orders out of 10 will decrease the on-time delivery rate to 50% (50pp lost), while those same 5 late orders out of 50 will only decrease it to 90% (10pp lost). So, in the first case, it will be needed about 500 new on-time delivered orders to raise the ODR, while only 100 new on-time delivered orders will be needed for the second case.

Late delivery is a guillotine that everybody should avoid.


If none of them went outside the 60 day window, wouldn’t you need about 999 more to get on-time delivery on the dashboard back to 100%?

on time: 5, Late: 5, percent on time=50
on time: 505, Late: 5, percent on time=99.0196078431373 (500 more)
on time: 1004, Late: 5, percent on time=99.5044598612488 (999 more)

So 500 more would probably show as 99% on the dashboard I think, and 999 more might show as 100%? Or maybe >=990 more (990 more = 99.5%) would also show as 100% on the dashboard.

Do like me and don’t worry about the levels.

Hellooo no worries :slight_smile:


Though it could restrict what gigs you can create and show, maybe affect search position too as well as what buyer requests you can see if you drop a level.

Yes - unless you are in a strong niche. Like me. Then it doesn’t matter :slight_smile:


No worries about that issue… be patient you will get this badge and increase your delivery time again soon

Just be patient

Deliver on time your next order


@uk1000, the on-time delivery rate isn’t a linear function. I just gave rough and quick numbers as a way to answer the questions and make people understand what it means to mess with the delivery time, and the headaches that late orders bring.

The point is that if you only have, let’s say, 20 orders and were so careless to let the ODR drop down to 80%, it’s irrelevant whether you try to increase it to 99% or to 99.5%. There’s just no way you can possibly deliver 400 new orders on time - let alone 500, 600 or 800 new orders. So, as you see, given that you’ll never be able to reach the amount of orders needed, it simply doesn’t matter. Once you lose 2 or 3 ODR percentages points, you’re in trouble - big trouble!

Late deliveries bury the ODR metric in the dungeons, not to mention that it also directly affects two other metrics: OCR and rating.

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I agree. Though I don’t think it will have a negative effect on order completion rate. If it’s counted as a late delivery at least it’s either increased the order completion rate or not lowered it.

I agree. Though with 20 orders and 4 of them were late (80% on time) you’d need 20 more to get it back to 90% (assuming none went out of the 60 day window).

Though I agree with you. And It can be almost impossible to get the % up high enough to not be demoted sometimes. Sometimes the orders going out of the 60 day window can help though. But when someone isn’t delivering that many orders the 90% thing can easily affect things like levels. They should lower that really.

Nope. When orders run late, buyers can cancel, ergo, your OCR will suffer. You will be hit twice.

That, assuming you still have enough time to receive the required amount of orders to deliver on time and do get the amount of orders needed. Both conditions must be met even if you only want to increase it to 90%.

They won’t. It is aimed as a punishment.

I don’t think that happens though. I thought % on time only counts completed deliveries so if they cancel it won’t affect your on-time delivery rate. So I don’t think you can be hit twice for the same order (though you might get rated badly for a late order).

UK, I have no intent in finding out whether I’m right or not, but the logic behind is as follows - although I could be wrong:

  1. If one of your orders runs late, your on-time delivery rate will be hit in x% and it will show up in your analytics, since it’s a metric.

  2. If that same order is cancelled by your buyer due to it running late, your order completion rate will also be hit in y% and will show up in your analytics, since OCR is a metric that has nothing to do with the on-time delivery rate. Both are independent.

The 1* rate is automatically set by the system once the order runs late, whether or not the buyer cancels.

I’m off, UK. Have a nice day! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Though I’ve had late deliveries but no automatic 1* rating yet (including an order counted as late even though it shouldn’t really have been). As far as I know, that only happens when an order is very late and the user clicks the option to say they want to cancel.

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