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Everyone will pray for me and my journey


I am starting to my journey on Fiverr :running_man::running_man::running_man::biking_man::biking_man::biking_man:


You are welcome to fiverr!!
All the best




Congratulations! Hope to bright future on fiverr.




Prayer is not what you need right now. Dedicated action, and determined perseverance are what will make your journey here successful. Once you’re willing to EARN your success, then you’ll be ready for customers and sales.


Many many thanks for your advice, It will help me to be more dedicated :slight_smile:


The evidence of this will be in the actions you choose to take.


There’s an Arabic proverb that I like: “Trust God, but tie your camel.”

It reminds me that we all have numerous things within our control that we can do every day to improve our own well-being.

Good luck on Fiverr. Always work hard and strive to improve. :slight_smile:


Many many thanks for your proverb and respected text :slight_smile:


Welcome to fiverr.

It is a good marketplace. Hope you get huge amount of sales


Thank you so much :slight_smile:


We always “need” prayer, trust God “and” tie. What we can control, we should. Welcome to the family.


Thank you so much :star_struck:


Welcome to fiverr:grinning:


I wish you a very good luck for your present and your future . May your life be filled with the sales. The most important thing to get success in life is to have faith on yourself. So have faith on yourself and be happy. :ok_hand:


Welcome, just focus on your goal until your proper success,
you in the right place:+1:


Your dedication, skill, Professionalism will drive to you to success. Its a dynamic platform so keep update. Thank you. Best wishes for you. :blush:


Congratulation’s to join one of the best online marketplace. Keep provide best services…


Welcome to the fiverr world stay connected