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Everything I do is against T&C's

I am not long being a user of fiverr, I really dont want this to sound like I hate it here, I really dont, this is a fantastic connection hub with great users, But please fiverr can you actually research your own T&C’s and see how stupid they are.

I have had to jump through so many hoops to get anything done, I will not bother listing them all, but three main things really bug me.

Firstly, I get this message saying the cover photo on my gig is violating T&C’s, on the list of terms one says it cannot be a banner, Now I am offering a banner service, and it’s not a banner, its a screen shot of where the banner will go for those that buy, so can anyone tell me how I am supposed to list my banner service WITHOUT showing a banner or banner space?

secondly, after a few sells I found out that out of the $5 fiverr takes $1 off for fees, I know it’s only a buk, but that is a 20% yeald.

lastly, the warnings come through on a no reply e-mail, with no further support.

Come on fiverr, this is turning into e-bay!

What I mean by this post is, where can I talk to a real person? It’s so hard to get support on something that could be so simple, what are your views on this? let me know please.

When you signed up on Fiverr you had to click somewhere saying that you where ok with the Terms of Service. I assume that you read them carefully and agreed with them. It’s fine if you don’t agree with them anymore; then you’re free to leave the site.
Regarding Customer Support, there’s a link to Fiverr Help in the footer of every page. You can submit a ticket to them from there.

I’m sorry you did not understand anything I said, and I am bothered by the fact you would rather tell people to leave then educate people on how this site is supposed to function.

I did read the T&C’s, but as I said above, I have been warned about something that is not a direct violation of the rules but more an interpretation thereof.

I have been told it was pulled up because I used a banner, which I did not! which again is my interpretation

regarding customer support, again it is not what I asked, I cannot respond to a direct request about my account, as they tell you off sternly with a no reply email address, Which means you have to write a ticket, explaining why your writing to them, am I the only one who thinks thats topsy-turvy?

it is the same as gaffa taping someone’s mouth and asking them to tell you why they did that naughty thing.

i just thought it would be a good idea for fiverr to have a two way conversation and wanted to know what other users thought about that.

But you seem to be surprised that Fiverr takes 20%. That is how the whole site works, if that doesn’t work for you then Fiverr may not be the write thing.

As for the banner issue, was it the actual size of the photo possibly that you were trying to upload? Lots of sellers show banners so I am wondering what that is.

As for expecting warnings about stuff, Fiverr is not like a babysitter, they only send out notices if they get a complaint about something.

But since you won’t list other things that you claim are not in violation with ToS we can’t give you any more insights on the specifics.

Well I can’t complain, the conversion rate after they take their $1 equates to $5.20 for me atm, I’m getting paid more than $5 LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

Reply to @squall1066: belengarcia was simply saying that it’s always been a part of the TOS for Fiverr to take 20% commission, and those who don’t want to have that taken off can go elsewhere for their services.

In terms of replying back to warnings, I assume they don’t allow you to reply because it stops harrassment from the sellers or buyers, but also because it’s just that - a warning.

Your cover photo is not meant to promote your gig as far as I’m aware - it’s more to do with making your gig space look nice. You can use it for your gig image or profile picture I think.

You can have a two way conversation through customer support but mutual trust, respect and understanding has to be there first for correct communication to occur. It seems like you’re already frustrated with them before you have even contacted them about your issue.

Reply to @lunabea: I also don’t understand their profile write up about they run a club and let’s make some ads and see where this goes.

Reply to @sincere18: Hiya, yes, I initially wrote this as I was a buyer, building ad making services, but it does not make sense as a seller, I just did not update :slight_smile:

Reply to @sincere18: Thank for your response, I will check the photo size, I believe it was within spec, but I will double check.

Why does everyone think I wont list other problems, lol, I only did not list as it was picky and open to interpretation, I wanted my post to be more specific, if I listed everything, you think I would get any real response, other than “stop whining/crying” lol

I just wanted to address some issues and get some feedback.

Think I will just move on, everyone on the offensive here.

Reply to @squall1066: that’s understandable, but if you feel something is ‘open for interpretation’ that in and of itself may be part of the issue on why you think you can’t get past any T&C’s.

Reply to @squall1066: You also said it was a screen shot. They have been known to be fussy about the quality of the Cover photo.