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Everything I submit is rejected - Does anyone have suggestions?

Ranting satisfied, thank you.

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Hi there.

I’m not even sure what this is all about but there is one thing I do know.

We, on this forum have nothing to do with Fiverr. Except that we are members.

We don’t work at Fiverr. We don’t own or operate Fiverr… We have nothing to do with Fiverr except we are members here. Just like you.

I don’t know why you would post your name (Which will be removed soon) and number to a forum that is trafficked by complete strangers.

The only thing I can suggest is contact Customer Support and be patient. They are busy.

But we have nothing to do with Fiverr. And you’ve basically just put out your personal information to a bunch of complete strangers.

Happy now… removed rant.

syndicatednews said: I do not take this personally

Oh, but I think you do~! Otherwise, I have to wonder: why the overblown rant over a $5 gig? Unless it's an attempt to look important to others and not just to self.

Um, isn't Network Solutions an American company? Unless there's another one in Israel. Just wondering.

By the way - please know that both my video people were superb! Both of them were marvelous.

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We are users just like you. We do not work for Fiverr or have anything to do with their policies or terms. We follow the same guidelines and procedures.

  • Video duration must be over 10 seconds and up to 60 seconds.

  • 50mb maximum size

  • Use only original videos made by you & ideally should have you (or your voice) in the video presenting your own gig. Or include samples of your work, editing effects etc. as long as the presentation remains personal and made by you

  • Video must say “Exclusively on” (voice over OR on screen text)

  • Do not use the same video for more than one gig

  • Video must be reasonable quality, voice or music must be clear and easy to understand

  • Promotion of third party services, websites or brands (in writing or narration) or providing direct means of communication will not be allowed

  • Offering a service for any price other than $5 is not allowed

  • Make sure your video and gig adheres with Fiverr’s Terms of Service

  • Videos related to self improvement, getting rich methods, black hat marketing and similar are not permitted at this time

I can’t thank you all enough for the wonderful and endearing advice you all gave me. I am now removing my rant as I have seen the light… I am reading and re-reading the terms of service to make sure I don’t violate them and I am making sure to keep it in compliance. Thank you all - you have been very kind and very funny. Thanks for your help. I am happy that I came here to rant. My thanks!

50mb? really?