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Yesterday I put on a couple of gigs about personal developement and advice and text advice, today opening the gigs I found some views on the gigs, more than what i expected, but coming here on this forum I see that most people can’t get views in even bigger markets. 1st: tip that I can give is to stay active on the forum, make a post like this and then link your gigs. 2nd tip: give value first, a lot of value, If you are there waiting for people to gift you money you won’t sell, the solution is going to youtubers and offering a free thumbnail, and if they like you they will come back, then the more sales you have the more you can charge. 3rd tip: learn how to write catchy titles and descriptions, you have to write a lot, offer a little preview on the description and describe your service in every detail, it shows that you are serious!
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