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Everything was perfect


Everything was perfect and running smoothly. The next day I log in to my Fiverr account, I had an order for 2 Google forms. Great!

I messaged the buyer to confirm if they need a Google form. No reply. Okay, the clock is ticking, I should work on my order to avoid being LATE.

There were two pretty long forms that took me 4-5 hours to complete, and once I delivered the forms, the buyer messaged me that the formatting is different as she had thought. (messaged me after 4 days of placing the order, cool).

Okay, I explained to her that I can’t change the formatting of Google forms. Great!

She sent me her logos and some revisions, which took me around 30 minutes, and I re-delivered the order.

No reply for her side. The order got marked as completed automatically. I gave her access to the forms (editing access).

Yesterday, she left a bad review that I have not delivered what she wanted, requesting a refund (after 16 days of placing the order). Are you kidding me?

I left my feedback + explanation too that I can’t refund because I’ve already delivered my order as per my Gig scope. I can’t change the format of Google form.

Today, when I opened my Fiverr account, I saw a red beautiful screen, showing me a warning that I have misused the Delivery button and this is my first warning. And my account will be banned if I do it again. OK, does not make any sense.

And then, I saw that the order is canceled and refunded to the buyer by Fiverr customer support. Amazing!

So, the buyer got: The forms + her money back + 4-5 hours of my time = FREE GIG.

I got: A bad review, a warning, a low cancellation rate, did not get my time back as the refund = PISSED OFF.

Why? I mean looks like they have not even read the message or check my profile. I’ve been working here for 3 years and Fiverr is the primary source of income for me.

Last week, another buyer had also done the same, but then I had contacted Fiverr and they had told me that they don’t cancel the order. It is in my hand to do or not.

This is a very bad experience, no support from Fiverr. Not sure what should I say. I was feeling so bad that I wrote this post, there is no one that I can share this experience with.

Does this seem fair to you?