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Everything you need to know when you're new seller!

Working as New Seller is seriously a hard job but no need to worry. Just like every business the starting is always the hardest part.

“Your business won’t blow up if your passion doesn’t show up” by Julian Hall

If you want to hit up the mark of $1000 dollars a month you need to have patience and passion.

I belong from a business family of retail Frenchie stores. So you need to keep in mind the start will be slow but when you stick with your goal and flexible with your ideas then the cash will flow!

Few things you need to know :

• When you’re New Seller, it’s hard to make cash flow. So keep patience and keep working until you make your $5 per day!

• Promote your Gigs in Fiverr and let the word out about your Gigs.

• SEO optimized Keywords and details sells more than average keywords and Details.

• Make your first $5 from buyers request.

• Business rule : Customer’s are God! Treat them like they’re VIP and Watch out they’ll stick to your gig if your product or service are good enough.

Do you want more? XD

Definitely I’ll be back with more tips as soon as I’ll be getting more experience with Fiverr.

Note: The source of this content is Fiverr Academy and many successful established Sellers blog!

Thank you readers.

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I am a new seller, in starts I mean 5 to 6 I had more orders but 1buyer who cancel order whatever I said to him give me some time I’ll send your order on tomorrow he said ok
But for the next he cancel the order and put negative rating in my profile that’s why I am unable to send buyers request please tell what to do

Thank you!

Promoting your gigs on Fiverr means :

• You should be Makin good reputation in Fiverr forum.

• Don’t forget to use both titles ( example : Gig title and upgrade SEO title )

• focus on keywords and description is necessary!

I hope you like it!

If you can contact the buyer then try it out and please him to put down the negative comments.

If not then… Follow other tips they’ll definitely work but remember :

• Everything is hard in starting… You need to work hard and provide more than other people to attract buyers.

• Do everything in 24 hours and Over deliver the order!

I hope you like it!

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Sounds scary!

I just visit forum because there isn’t much to do yet for me or if I’ve something to ask. I mean the buyer section’s there. But having only 10 bids a day, it doesn’t take any longer.

By the way, how do you calculate reputation on the forum? Just asking, as I’ve no idea; lol.

Jolly good. :slight_smile:

It’s the spam bin. Why would anyone want to visit the spam bin?

When you’re New Seller, it’s hard to make cash flow. So keep patience and keep working until you make your $5 per day!

$5 a day? If I was a beginner and I read this I wouldn’t even bother. It’s not $5 “per day”, it’s $3.95 “per day”. That won’t even buy me a coffee here. Also, “customer’s” are not God. They ordinary people. Just treat them professionally, not like they’re going to smite you if you set a foot wrong. If you do meet a smitey little bastard, just run away. Simple.

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Well, after the above post, I browsed the spam bin. And there was this seller asking for possible improvements that’d help to sell / convert better. So I pointed out a number of missing holes in her gig description and offered to help as well.

However, there’s no reply yet. But maybe, she didn’t get online or browsed forum since then. Who cares? :wink:

P.S. I’ve no idea how a TRS gets the time to hop on Forum. I mean all their gigs I’ve seen have like 5 orders in queue, 10 orders in queue, 60 orders in queue… I just wonder how’s that even possible, especially when they have a seven days deadline.

Jolly good.

Doing everything in 24 hours is not good advice. Not all gigs need to – or can be – completed in 24 hours (especially if a seller has a lot of orders). Don’t rush excellence. Take your time to do it right.