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Evil+Stupid buyers!

I have some simple gigs and even though they are too cheap not alot of people buy from me.
Usually I get this weirdos from ******** countries, etc… They ask for something, make the order and that something after the order time become at least 10x bigger than in the initial question by acting like they dont understand what they really need and making it look like ur fault. What I dont like is that they start to threat me by disputing the order. With the first 2 orders I was calm because I thought that support will read our messages and with judge well before verdicting. I had no fault at all and lost 2 times!!
Got low rating for fun and the client was sending even laughing smiles after.
Im really thinking of leaving fiverr and also encouraging my friends to switch platform, because this is unacceptable!!
It seems like support only catches emails or phone numbers when people want to do business outside of platform but when people need the support to rule well for those who need the business being done inside Fiverr, they give no ****!!

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Surely these customers are evil but they are far from stupid because they know how to exploit you and get free work done by you. I’d recommend increasing your prices to attract more serious customers. If you value your work, they will (hopefully) too!


Thats very unfortunate. In my first post here I actually pointed out these things and suggested that these must be addressed seriously by the Fiverr team otherwise soon Fiverr will be left only with buyers and only handful of sellers (who know how to accept their bad luck and move on with a bad experience)

Yes, I am also having a buyer who asked for 10 designs and then he added 6 more concepts in the same order and i had to do work for him to save my profile stats.

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Thank you for the advice!
Should try asap because like this I can’t work anymore.

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That’s what I’m trying to do at the moment.

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I learned that if you are working on fiverr you need to learn how to deal with bad customers and clients! It is an essential skill to have.


use the gig requirements to filter them out, most are too lazy to put in the actual requirements. The few that do you will be able to know they will be trouble and cancel immediately. Yea your analytics may take a hit but better than constantly fighting and dealing with these types of individuals.

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I had a customer place an order for my cheapest package which is $10 for 4 bars of writing. In the requirements they listed only one word, “life”. So I did what I could do with the info and wrote a catchy 4 bar hook. They ended up giving me my first 3 star rating. I didn’t let it bother me for two reason,

  1. You can’t satisfy everyone.
  2. I refuse to let their actions dictate how I view my skill and worth.

Yea but with that 3 :star2: review ull rank lower that ur competitors so ull get way less clients or maybe 0 for a month so thats my problem with this people!
Fiverr should be strict on buyers !

Not necessarily, I’m still on the 4th page at this moment under HipHop/rap songwriter. I usually rank anywhere from the 1st to 5th page and receive 7-15 orders per month. I’m on 7 orders in July and we are about half way through, so I’m right on track at the moment.

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You are so right! In our lives, we are both sellers and buyers. As a buyer, I recently found out about Fiverr. Janali, psychologically in most of the world this how we are trained to think. Just the other day I was on Firerr looking for graphic designs, I need some new images for my business.

The sellers advertising at the absolute lowest prices creates the perception that this seller cannot be very good at all, or perhaps they will steal artwork off the internet.

An important psychological issue that we all face is a sense of our own self-worth. A person can be the best at what they do and totally undervalue themselves without evening knowing it.

At the same time, you don’t want to overprice yourself either. Only you know what your intentions are and if you are any good at your profession, there are always going to be certain individuals that are gifted in a certain profession, however, no one needs to be gifted to do well in their profession, they simply need to be good, have a great work ethic and have integrity.

I have run my own businesses for over three decades, and yes, dealing with certain consumers can be a pain! It seems the way Fiverr deals with reviews is like yelp, which is terrible. On Yelp, anyone can write up a really bad review and there is zero we can do about it.

Btw, There are bad evil people in the world but not all customers are attempting to exploit you, only some are…If you get a hint this is the case then stay away from them, it’s not worth the money!

Many Blessings to all of you😇