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Evolution Period Ends Very Soon!

Hello, I am Ashwin Kumar.
My Evolution Period is going to be end on 15th of this Month.
I have completed all requirements for Level 1 except one.
Earn 400. I have only Collected 198.4 and I think that I will raise this to $250 or $280 till 15th but I am damn sure that I will not be able to complete this requirement.

I want to ask you something, will I have to recollect $400 again or in the next evolution Period I will just have to collect rest money?


P.S. First Post Ever Here :slight_smile:


Collect the remainder

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Congratulations on meeting most of the evaluation requirements. The $400 target should be reached once. WHEN you hit this target, provided that all the other requirements are met too, you will be promoted to Level 1 at the very next evaluation.

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Thanks Man for the reply

Thank you for the reply ans suggestions

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