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Exact Copy of my Gig

Is it possible to report an exact copy of my gig? I mean, they copied gig description and images as well…


Yes. Make sure that you have evidence that you are original and first. otherwise reporting will get you both deleted.


Sure, my face is on that image, my cover photo is made by me on photoshop and the description is written by me. My gig has reviews, the exact copy of my gig has 0 reviews. Is it enough? :laughing:


Found it buy___mator… ahahah. Yea, report him. Use the flag :smiley:

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Thank you, I did it!

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Kmowledge and creativity is what makes quality

and fix the kmow in profile description.


Oooh, I have been having this phrase for weeks and I haven’t noticed that. Thank you so much!!!

Yes. I recently reported several gigs from users who copied my excact gig’s image and fiverr customer support deleted all those users.

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Sure, you can report it by using flag. Fiverr customer support will remove it.

Do Fiverr communicate you if the gig has been deleted?

No, they do not share that with you.

Actually they do. At least they did with me. A couple of years ago, they didn’t share any informatio regarding the actions taken. However, when I reported several gigs that used my image, about a month ago, fiverr got back to me ensuring me that the users that copied my gig are no longer available on the platform. This was the excact answer I got:

"I hope you are well. Thank you for your patience while we worked to get to your request. We are doing everything we can to get to every inquiry as soon as possible.

I can confirm with you that we have dealt with these users and they are no longer available on the platform.

Let us know if there is anything else we can help you with."