Exact time of order clearance


Hi, im facing many problems with money withdrawing cause i cant get the real time of pending clearance. i know it takes 14 days but im talking about time of clearance not date. hope u guys got me. thanks and have a nice day in fiverr.


I don’t know where you got this from…

For unleveled up to level2 sellers, clearance time is 14 days after the order has been marked completed. So, on day 15 you surely will be able to withdraw your earnings.


oh sorry misstype
14 yes


There is no set time. Clearance is 14 days after completion on average. Sometimes it doesn’t move into the clearing period until the 15th day and it could be at any time in the 14th-15th day.


thanks …but how you know about it?i mean the 15th days


She knows about it because fonthaunt has been a seller on fiverr for years.


Is there any method to know exact time of clearance?


No. It’s the 14th or 15th day.


i am also a seller . from 2016 ! but i always receive my Clarence in 14 days . thats why i am asking how you know about 15 days . just for knowing .thats it


“Just for knowing” the process is just not precise. If you experience it as 14 days all the time, great. Some sellers don’t do it’s best to not count on it.

This thread is becoming needlessly complex.