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Exam period..Ugh


It was a suppperr busy month and I made a very good amount of $$.

Now my exam (as well as Ramadan) gonna start so I raised my prices and gig delivery time for two weeks to avoid orders.I don’t know how it gonna work for me.But hope for best.:v:

Cheers and Ramadan Mubarak.


Which exams you are going to take?


BS.Physics,7th semester.:slight_frown:


:smiley: Physics!




I am DONE. Today was last paper. 8th semester will start after summer vacation. :dancer:


Congratsss…Hope you get 4gpa.
Mine is not terminal but sessional exam.


Ahhh only in dreams. So far its 3.97.


That’s a really really good gpa Mash Allah.:thumbsup:


Raising price and delivery time is best trick :smiley: rather thn goin on vacation…!
Ramadan Mubarak to you!


I was afraid of VM so I used this trick.Lol[quote=“surajrenuka, post:10, topic:149055”]
Ramadan Mubarak to you!

Thanks Suraj!:slight_smile:


Completed 8th sem exams today. :heart_eyes:


DUA for EXAMS!!!


Thanks Muhammad Osman!
I love it.


Nayeem you’re going to get some fire. :joy::joy::joy::hear_no_evil::hear_no_evil:


It’s fine until we talk about backlogs. :sweat_smile:


I just asked about a true fact and that has been flagged by community :confounded:


What was removed though? :joy:


What you guys are talking about?


LOL I did not pass some exams because of fiverr :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: now I have to pass them again in the second round but its ramadan now and I don’t have the power to study them again or even go to the university ,its too hot in my country :disappointed: