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Exam skill test

Hello all
This is smtanjir
I have create a new fiverr account. When i am going my profile i seeing that there have a option for skill test. How i can pass in exam


Have you looked in this thread?

Also, is this your only Fiverr account?

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I don’t know the answer perfectly but i know the use best

If you are doing a test on photoshop or something and know fully how to use it you could do the test and as long as you know enough to answer at least 60% of the questions on that topic, and can do it within 40 mins, you’ll pass.

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If I don’t pass in the exam is it problem for my account???


I don’t know about it bro.
If any one know this inform us. We can helpful by it

If I fail on any topic, can I attain in exam on that topic again later?


Yes you can take the topic again, but you have to wait a day between tests and not take a test more than twice in a 3 month window. It also can stop you taking a test if you just leave the tab on the window showing details of a particular test and then try to take the test after quite a while (can give some error).

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Thanks. I have passed in the exams. :heart_eyes::sunglasses: Also, completed “Learn From Fiverr” courses. But not increasing my sales or Gig views even! :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved: