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Example of a gig

Please can anyone show me example of a good gig

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Why? Are you planning on copying it in the hopes that it will make you successful? That would be unwise, and may get you into trouble.

Forum users cannot post links to their gigs or anyone else’s gigs (outside of the My Fiverr Gigs forum), so no one can share examples. Please focus on designing and improving your own gig. Originality is the best way to become successful here on Fiverr.


Don’t assume anything please. A lot of new sellers just joined forum recently. Of course they don’t have much experience and they wants to know more about fiverr and gigs. Don’t be too aggressive. They just want to know how a good gig has to offer and their features.

Copying someones gig wont get you anywhere its pathetic.

No , have already have my own gig , and am new to fiverr.since I did not see buyer so I was thinking may be is my gig

I found where you copied every single word of your gig description – from a different seller (from a completely different country) on another freelance site. You stole someone else’s service description – word for word, and your are using it as your own here on Fiverr.

You are trying to scam people. Neither I, nor anyone else can help someone like you commit fraud.

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I will call out scammers when I see them.

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I did not copy any one gig
Can you tell me where I copy it,

Am not scammer , am using my real identity, and more over , I don’t think you can scam people on fiverr, this is a platform where by you work for what you get paid for

Anyway try to become unique. Your unique gig will attract buyers. Tbh its kinda hard. Tons of sellers working on the same category so its COMPLETELY impossible for someones gig to be 100% unique. Hope you understand. Good luck

Asking for people to give you a link to a “good gig” is not really something you can do on the forum.
Sellers may not want someone else to post their gig here and people cannot post their own gig links so this post is closed to avoid either of these scenarios. Use the browse/search functions on the Fiverr site.