Excellent ratings and a great track record very ambigious statement


Ive been a member for 30 days, completed almost 150 orders and I’ve got 91 thumbs up and 4 thumbs down, 8 mutual cancelation. The thumbs down are unjust and reviewed by moonbats btw. Now how shall I interpret “excellent ratings and a great track record” - seems to me to be a very ambigious statement. Do I have to have a 100 per cent rating to move on to level 1?

Hmmm …


Hmm … But on the other side I’m not 100%. My overall rating is “only 94%” but to me that is excellent. Just not sure how to interpret the guidelines when it comes to that sentence.


Looked at your profile and it says you’ve only been a member for 29 days… I’d probably wait a little bit, especially because of the time difference.


You should be promoted to Level 1 AFTER 30 days. Even if you had a 100% record. As Madmoo advised, I would stop responding negatively to negative reviews (Yes, I know that’s hard to do). Show others that you learned from it and apologize for not being able to meet the buyer’s demands. I have ordered from sellers who had negative reviews. Why? Because they handled criticism gracefully - even when they did not agree with it. It is a HUGE TURN OFF to see a fight in the feedback.

I had 1 unjustified negative feedback. I contacted the buyer (it turns out there was an oversight on their part - I went above and beyond yet their system did not update in real time so it appeared like I had not done any work) and the buyer changed their feedback to a positive. Not only was it changed, but I got 8 repeat orders from the same buyer.


The question is not WHY I haven’t been upleveled though. I was more curious on how to interpret “excellent ratings and a great track record”. Is 80% an excellent rating? Is 98 % excellent ratings? This really needs to be clarified. Fiverr staff?

Cheezees - That won’t happen though. Some people here are real cheapskates taking advantage of some extremely talented sellers (most of whom have left Fiverrr for other sites where they earn more and are more respected) and I just won’t have people to that to me. People threaten me with bad reviews (literally threaten!) if I don’t do this and that full and flat (a guy wanted me to do a full website and write his content - while my Gig was for a simple flyer! Hello?! I told him he could place yet 200 more $5 gigs if he wanted a website and he threatened with a bad review. Well go ahead). I ALWAYS meet my buyers demands, and then some, just look at my portfolio. The least I could do is to warn other sellers of these moonbats circulating the community. I don’t really mind if I it’s a turn off for a few people, at least I stand my ground and I will not be bullied that way. And if that’s what will keep me from getting to Level 1 I really do not mind at all because I know my services are always required, on Fiverr, and elsewhere :slight_smile: