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Excellent review but 4 stars. Ehy?

Hello ,

I hope you are doing well ,
I work for two buyers and they accept and write an excellent reviews but both are 4 stars. I think its due to hurry, or mistake. So any can help? If i contact with buyer for improvement then its allow by fiverr? Can it decrease my performance? or chances to feedback improvement?

Yes. You can contact your buyers and do any improvement to your reviews! No problem at all. :wink:

Well a 4-star review is a positive one.

Messaging the buyer to have them change the review is not OK, unless it was a clear case of a star rating that did not match the comment.

You can however message the buyer and ask for their honest opinion and how they chose to rate you so that you can actually improve.


If i ask for the review improvement then its not good for my account?

Well it certainly does not bode well for you as a “professional”.

How would you like it if you were asked to change your mind over a service you received?

How would you feel?

And why does it concern you if this affects your account but it doesn’t worry you that your service might actually be a 4-star one and there’s really much to improve?


I do not understand the problem.
They left you an excellent review + 4 stars. What is there more to want?
5 stars? Many people do not give 5 stars just out of principle because 5 stars is the max and who is perfect anyway?

If you have 4 or 5 stars in average you are good and then people will just look at the comments/reviews.
So no need to worry

Under normal circumstances a 4 star review would indeed be seen as excellent.

However, as the average rating needed to retain your level and not be demoted is 4.8 or above, a rating of 4 can be quite damaging to a seller, even if the feedback comment is excellent.


It’s because the system wants sellers to maintain a 4.8 rating or above, else they get demoted. :frowning: That’s why every point of the rating counts for sellers on the platform.

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Oh ok, I did not know it worked like this.

I am not sure I even get it. So if you drop below 4.8 average you get demoted in what ? a rank? And what does that mean?
(I am not a seller so no idea here).

My honest opinion: I do not like the 5 star rating, 5 is too few because what is the difference between 3 and 4 or 4 and 5?
5 is perfect, nothing is perfect.

I would prefer a 1-10 scale rating system or something like that.

The seller level is reduced, so less than 4.8 average you’d drop from level 2 to level 1 etc.

Tell Fiverr that! :wink:

I’ve never come across an exam with a 96% pass rate before.


But what does that mean? Lets say you are level 2 seller? Does that mean a lot? You are less visible when people look for a certain gig?
(I actually noticed that level 2 and 1 thing when I was looking for people to make my gigs, but I just assumed it was based on the total amount of gigs (and in combination with the “points” they got) they already did rather than the reviews).

Oh you never seen an exam with 96% pass rate? I have seen a few haha , actually they scored 20/20.

I guess it helps to be a higher level seller, at least I think. There are some perks to it – more buyer requests (place where sellers can offer services to buyers who post jobs that need to be done), there is some seniority to being a higher level seller too… I don’t know about placement of gigs though, but better performing gigs (good ratings, lots of orders) are placed in better positions…

The tier goes this way:
No level -> Level 1 -> Level 2 -> Top Rated Seller… :smiley:

Yes, it does. Buyers can also filter by seller level.

Yeah ok I get that, but it makes no sense that 4 stars vs 5 stars make such a big difference.
Especially since it has to do with a 4.8 average.
Kinda weird.
The rating system is not that good in my opinion.

and what is a top rated seller than? Someone with a 5.0 average?
(since above 4.8 is level 2?)

No - to retain whatever level you’ve got, apart from not having a level, you’ve got to be at 4.8 or above regardless.
This might help you.

That’s not what Fiverr thinks. :wink::sunny:

Oh no, everyone has to maintain the 4.8 rating regardless if they don’t want to get demoted. Some top rated sellers have the 4.8 rating, as long as they don’t go below it. Top Rated Sellers are technically sellers that came from Level 2 that were manually chosen by Fiverr staff that passed certain criteria (great stats – rating is 4.8 above, great response rate, great order completion rate, etc.)

More info on that with the link @offlinehelpers gave.

But I believe there are so many sellers who produce great work regardless of their level. It’s just that the system has forced us into becoming very particular with our ratings. :smiley:

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yeah, I see.

I actually look at their work and check the reviews the stars is not the first thing I actually check.

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My honest opinion: I do not like the 5 star rating, 5 is too few because what is the difference between 3 and 4 or 4 and 5?
5 is perfect, nothing is perfect.

Actually, the system is based on 3 x 5 stars. The problem is that they are split so that communication is seen to be just as important as the product/service or whether the buyer will buy again or recommend.
Realistically, how much or how amazing can one’s communication be on a straightforward $5 order?

This means the average rating is only based on 33% of the actual quality delivered.

As to whether anything can be perfect, that’s an imperfect answer (:slight_smile:) - You are not being asked to judge whether the product/service was perfect. You are being asked to rate the service out of 5 for three different aspects.

  • Happy with the product? Great - 5 stars
  • Did they communicate sufficiently for the project? Great - 5 stars
  • Would you recommend the service (seems redundant as you either will or wont based on the other two)? Anyway, all went well so you WOULD recommend it, even if you are not planning to do so in actuality.

Alternatively -

  • The product was not good enough - rate out of 5.
  • Their communication was difficult to understand - rate out of 5 (of course, if you are both non-English/the same language speakers then you should account for that in your rating. ie. I can communicate extremely clearly but if someone only speaks Klingon then we will struggle to communicate which is not my fault.

Ok Thank you so much.