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Excessive number of complaints

Thanks for the warning Fiverr!

I, apparently, have had an excessive number of complaints about the quality of my content, so I receive an account warning. I have written over 9,000,000 words in the past few years, just three people have complained about the quality. 1 of whom never read the content, another said I plagiarised (when I didn’t), and another said I used a word incorrectly (I didn’t). I am baffled.

I have ZERO negative feedback for quality of writing (bar one, from the guy who admitted he never read the content). Zero issues with customers at the moment.

Yes, I am not allowed to know what people are complaining about? How am I meant to improve? Hell, people aren’t even complaining to me about the quality of content. Everybody who I have delivered to has said they are thrilled with the quality, even if they do not end up leaving positive feedback.

That explains why I have had zero views on all of my gigs. So, even making new gigs will have no impact on me now due to this account warning.

This isn’t a warning for late delivery. it is a warning for quality of content delivered (apparently).


It could be another seller doing it. I have gotten those warnings from fiverr along with a basically be nice warning after a buyer kept adding on stuff to the order (to get gig extras for free after ordering) and I got a warning after I basically was not doing that anymore for them as I realized they were doing it on purpose over and over. They are just warnings… Best wishes.

I’m super confused. So, instead of leaving negative reviews, people have been complaining to support about the quality of work they’ve received? Seems pretty suspicious that the buyers would go straight to support (which is something that like no buyers are able to find, in my experience) but wouldn’t leave a negative review on the gig. Also seems pretty hypocritical for support to tell sellers to “work it out with the buyer” when one of us approaches them with an issue and then to turn around and take some secret tally of complaints and mark them against an account.

I’ll admit that this is worrying, What I am more interested in though, is how you can write 2 x 500 word articles for $5? Especially since you are English and live in Sweden? I’m English and live in Malta and still couldn’t justify the word count to price ratio if I was in India. I mean you obviously have some talent.

Please advise, I’m really really interested…Or have you joined the dark side and are getting someone else to write your articles? No worries if so. Really though, I am interested.

I’ve been telling him for a while to cut words and raise prices. That’s 3 UK expats on this forum I know of now!

Ryan, do you think it’s that person who really, really hates you kicking up a storm again?

Oh, and I just checked, I’ve had zero views on ALL of my gigs for the last two days. Is there something going on in our category?

I can write 3k words an hour. The quality is not all that bad either. Most of what I write is the same as previous stuff so lower amounts of research. It’s a system that works because, up until now, I have had no complaints.

I don’t outsource at all.

I have no idea. I would have thought customer support would have looked into everything before issuing a warning.

Yep and I have no idea why. Just about every customer I have dealt with in two months has returned, so none of them could possibly be unhappy.

Well, thanks for answering. That’s a really impressive word count though & I really don’t know why you don’t raise your price? Even if just to cut your work load.

As for your complaint, if you really are having people go directly to CS to complain about quality, couldn’t you start sending a message with each delivery asking for people to come to you if they need any revisions or amendments?

i.e. “Hi, please find attached your requested articles & please let me know if you need any revisions or amendments…”

This way, CS would surely have to default back to their standard “we advise you to communicate with the seller,” or whatever it is they say.

I know that you probably do something like this alreadty, but it’s the only thing I can think of for you to protect yourself from someone with a vendetta or the like.

Zero idea.

I have other gigs in other categories, none of them are getting impressions either.

The price you are charging makes it look very suspicious. Your profile says that you are from the UK and you are charging only $5 for 1000 words. I haven’t even seen an Indian or a Pakistani seller charging here $5 for more than 600 words.

I do charge $5 for 500 words and I can write 4000 words within an hour, and I feel like I am working for pennies.

I can assure you I am from the UK (although I live in Sweden). The price I am charging has nothing to do with this issue anyway :slight_smile: This issue is that I have had a number of complaints about poor quality content. When, I know for a fact, everybody who has placed an order in the past 2 months is a repeat customer. I also know my content isn’t poor. So, this issue is just incredibly confusing.

Find a way to talk to Mr. Kaufman directly. I think he is the only person that can help you in this situation.

Sadly not. I spoke to him on LinkedIn once after my TRS got removed for no reason. He said he couldn’t help.

Ah well.

Too busy having parties, I expect.

I know how frustrating this must be for you. It is one of those situations in life that is upsetting and apparently there is not one thing you can do about it, or even find out more about it.

So you can let it go and try to forget it. What choice do you have, except to ruminate endlessly on it? It’s hard I know due to the frustration but learning to let go when there is no other choice but to let something drive you crazy is a valuable tool.

Right now lots of us have zero views and impressions on all our gigs due to a bug they are working on. There is another post on the forum about it so it’s not just you. It is not a true reflection of how many views your gigs are getting, just a bug on the page that shows that information.

“Thank you for contacting us. Due to our privacy issues we can not disclose the issues and users had problems with you but we advise you to carefully examine your warnings as well as the Fiverr Terms of Service so you will not be in violation of any rules. And we can currently tell you that your account is not in danger of being demoted from level 2 but all we can do is advise you to be more careful and look out for your actions and the way you treat your customers.”

I have asked EVERYBODY who has paid for an order in the past 2 months whether they complained. None of them had.

I don’t see how it is a PRIVACY issue to tell me what people are complaining about. I don’t need to know the name, I need to know the issue.

Maybe it is because I called a client an idiot :confused: (I forgot to click ‘deliver’ on the article, but he had all the content, and then he cancelled when it went late and he refused to pay, he called me an idiot, I called him one back)

Ahhh well calling someone an idiot certainly will not help. Even if they called you one first. I had a seller say “f*ck you beach” (without the star and also I’m not a beach) but even as a buyer I didn’t swear back at them. It’s unprofessional

I’d have to agree that. As a buyer, I’d rather pay a little more for quality than see an ad that seems too cheap for the amount of work involved. Even if you are the most gifted fast writer ever.