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Excessive use of the word logo in my title?

Hi there. I just got promoted to level 1 and wanted to add some gig extras to my logo gig. I have the same title as I always have had “I will make you 3 different logos, vintage and retro or traditional” but when I try to save my changes it won’t let me and I get an error message that says “Title contains excessive use of the terms: logo”.

“Logo” is only used once in my title. I thought maybe because I used the plural of logo I was getting this message and took of the s and it still is doing it. I think it wants me to take the word logo out of my title but I kind of need it there as it is the service I am providing.

Has anyone come across this? How do I fix it?


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It is not a bug. The use of the term logo is limited. Submit a ticket here for further support: Thanks!

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