Exchange gig favorite for gig ranking


let’s exchange gig favorite, it’s very helpful for gig ranking.
Do mine first & Drop Screenshot. Promise, I will do yours.
drop your link in the comment.

my profile link :


LOL - this is not allow at fiverr…and if fiverr do find, you’re doing. Your fiverr account may banned for violating fiverr system :smile:


:smiley: that’s a next level
And I like this part the most

It has to be CS testing how many TOS violating idiots they can trap :smiley:

@project24 why not go after reviews?
You can order my gig first :wink:


If someone favorite your gig, it will not help your gig rank in search unless he does any purchase :wink: This is just like bookmarks. Nothing to do with search position.


Do you know this for a fact?
Fiverr does send me emails every now and then to remind me the gigs that I bookmarked.
I also see those gigs often on the front page to remind me to make a purchase.

So, why shouldn’t it affect ranking?
I’m not saying it does because I have no info about it, but if I was working in Fiverr I would definitely use it as a ranking factor.

Think of it this way.

  • I’ve already bookmarked a number of logo design gigs
  • When I do a search on “logo design” then wouldn’t it make sense to throw in a few of my favorites.

It’s more likely that I will pick that one as opposed to a random gig that I’ve never seen before. I already did the research so why not show it to me on the front page?
Again, I don’t know how sophisticated their search algorithm is, but for me that would make sense :slight_smile:

I even did a test and it did surface one of the gigs that I have bookmarked. Coincidence, maybe. If you do a test it might not surface any of your fav gigs, but does it prove it’s not even a minor ranking factor? Unless you know it for a fact that it’s not included I wouldn’t say it :slight_smile:


That’s fine :smiley: I also received this type of mails not only with those I favorited but also with those I have visited their gig page. I have no clue how Fiverr’s marketing system works. But pretty sure it’s very benifitial for sellers. Btw as op asked Favourites for ranking his/her gig, Favourting gig is not going to help unless anyone do any purchase :slight_smile:


I sort of hijacked this topic because the OP’s question will only get negative replies anyway :slight_smile:
I’ve seen it quite a few times that sellers say “favs have no impact on ranking”. I figured I’ll ask if it’s a known fact or it’s just a guess.Because for me it would be a rather obvious to use it as part of the ranking algorithm.


Good efforts :wink: