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Exchange orders, is it allowed?

Hello everyone from Fiverr forum community !

I make my gig in 14/07/2020, after 16 day i got my 1st order…So far, I haven’t received any other sales.
Is exchange orders with your friends legal or not?

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As long as you aren’t taking business outside of Fiverr, I don’t see an actual problem with it. Are you talking about kind of a referral network to help build your reputation so that you get more work on Fiverr? If so, just share your Fiverr profile link. That doesn’t go off site or take business elsewhere.

Alternatively, you may look for a social group on Facebook that focuses on the type of work you offer and drop your link there.

I managed to throw my little wordpress site design side business into orbit a few months ago when I started noticing some sponsored ads on Facebook from Wordpress advertising their product–I commented with my Fiverr link and directed people toward my setup and launch gig. I’ve made so muck money off that in the last 3 months, it’s not even funny. You just have to promote yourself to start with and then once you get a following, you will start getting more work.


It’s illegal and your ac will be permanently blocked. please don’t trick system. send daily buyer request and make gig images attractive


It is very dishonest and against the ToS:

“* To prevent any misuse of our Feedback system, all feedback reviews must come from legitimate sales executed exclusively through the Fiverr platform from users within our Community. Purchases arranged, determined to artificially enhance Seller ratings, or to abuse the Fiverr platform with purchases from additional accounts, will result in a permanent suspension of all related accounts.”

Just be an honest person and sell something that people will want to buy.


No you shouldn’t do that.

This is not a social network, nor are you allowed to game the system that way.

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It’s illegal and against the Fiverr TOS. So don’t do anything which affect on your account . So be careful and honest . Be Patience and try to promote your gigs on Social media . Hope you’ll get new project ASAP.

How exactly is it against the ToS to share your gig links and profile link? Fiverr even has an option for that under “more” found by clicking “Scale Your Business” What I am talking about doesn’t involve gaming the system at all or doing anything illegal. It involves prospecting–you go looking for opportunities, put yourself out there and then potential clients find your profile and hire you. It’s all legit. No one is advocating fake reviews or anything else of that nature.

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Hi Sarah, I think there may be a misunderstanding here. What the OP meant was “trading” sales so that both traders have pre-arranged good reviews regardless of quality of work.


Oh alright. Well, that wasn’t what I was talking about at all. I realize that when you first log on and set up gigs it takes a while to get someone to buy it, especially if you don’t have any positive reviews sitting there to make you look good. It’s kind of like having no credit vs. bad credit. No credit is worse just like no reviews are worse. You have to start somewhere so just start putting yourself out there. Prospect a little bit and drop your profile link out there where someone who needs your services may find you. Also using the 10 job requests daily is a good way to fish around for work but keep in mind that there’s a little more competition there for the work. I have not sold one single gig that way–most of mine either just land in my inbox at this point (because I have 60+ 5 star reviews) or come to me by referrals from other clients or members of social groups or so on. I think I went for about 2 months before I sold my first gig. I was beginning to get a little discouraged.

I forgot to add: yes, referring clients from outside Fiverr to here is acceptable and not against the ToS. Congratulations on getting your orders, I like how you persevered in this highly-competitive freelance world. :slightly_smiling_face:

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It wasn’t easy and I will add that as a new user here on Fiverr a year ago, I really wasn’t doing that great. I was just getting an extra $30 or so a month from one or two small things. It wasn’t until I started to find a marketable skill and then advertising services elsewhere that I started to build my business. Now I have had pretty regular income of around $800-$1000 monthly which is decent. I’ll toss this out there as well–Adobe Spark has a free online tool that’s great for making those nice gig images. I use the instagram post setting to do it. Quick, easy and looks nice.