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Excited about completing my first order

I am new on Fiverr. I joined it back but started working actively now.
I got my first order ALHAMDULILLAH.
The buyer was satisfied with the work performed and gave a 5 star review.
I am happy.


Nice job!!! Congratulations. I am new also and have not have any orders yet but. They say it takes a while at first.

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yeah it does takes time initially.

Congratulations! That sounds amazing! Now I’m even more excited for my first order :see_no_evil: I just hope my gigs are good enough

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Congratulations to you.
It have also completed my First order some days before but my client did not gave me any review and he is also not replying but he was happy at the end when I asked him about corrections. So it was kind of Bad Luck. HAHA! :rofl: