Excited about how freelancing is helping me out


Not long before coming to fiverr, i was writing articles at iwriter (like a week ago? xD). So i have written a few articles there some of which are accepted, rejected and pending. Whatever the case I had become a freelancer to make a few extra bucks but thanks to these articles i have written I have come to realize that more than dollars i am gaining a lot of knowledge. It doesn’t matter anymore if i get my work approved or not, the fact that I am getting to (more like forcing myself to) know so much more simply excites me. I mean I never knew who or where ping pong was originated, like hell i ever cared about it but now that i do know i feel like there is so much more i missing out on that makes me greedy for it all.


Welcome to the family! Yes, you will learn a lot as you continue to make some bucks for you. I advise you to stick to the rules, and the success shall be yours.


Welcome to Fiverr, and Good luck :smiley:


Welcome! Glad you’re here :slight_smile: I think you’ll be glad you’re here, too!


hope so xD, but i definitely am going to learn alot of stuff here


Welcome! And good luck. Writing is a competitive category on fiverr but if you offer something different and communicate it well then you will get plenty of work!


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