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Excited Announcement: Yearly Sales Crossed $20,000 Mark!

Today I am delighted to share with you guys that in 2019 I have crossed $20,000 earning milestone. A huge thank you to Fiverr for giving me the opportunity to work from home and make money online. I want to share with you my excitement and some cool tips that worked for me.

How did I do it?

I started working as a graphics designer in Fiverr in 2016. After 2 months of creating an account, I got my first order worth 5$. I can’t explain how excited I was. I delivered the work super fast and earned my first income with 5-star feedback.

After completing the first project I never had to look back. In a few months, I become very busy with my regular clients. But I noticed the effort I am giving I am not getting paid that much. Because the price range of the service was 5-50$. So I thought, I had to do the work that has a good price value.

After researching Fiverr and other marketplaces I decided to learn web development. I learned basic web development knowledge from practicing W3School. In the beginning, it seems very difficult to learn but I start enjoying the code after 1 month of practicing. All you have to remember “The beginning is always the hardest, you have to be yourself”

In 2018 I created my first web development gig. At that time I was also learning advanced WordPress development. So learning and working on the client’s project together was a bit difficult for me. But I did not compromise with the quality of my work, all the projects were delivered on time with 5-star feedback.

Learning and earning together was a bad decision for me. I could not earn much as well as I could not complete my course. So I decided to give full attention to completing the course and paused my web development service for 6 months.

I came back in 2019 with the web development service again. This time I was enough confident to provide the best quality to my clients. I tried hard to create high-quality gigs that suit with my service. After that much of struggling, everything went super smooth. I start getting orders from new clients. And their feedback proves that my hard work paid off. *

Imrul is very knowledgeable about building and customizing multi vendor website. He was able to make the site look and feel like my other website. He communicates well, went beyond the scope of work to make me happy and will provide extended support. Thank you for excellent work.

This Seller is my Favorite so far. I have been on Fiverr for 2 years and he keeps exceeding my expectations. highly recommend hiring him

Great working with this seller. he is very good at what he does. this gig is a continuation of a project he completed before. I forgot to provide feedback for it. I recommend him if you want a seller that will work with you as a team to get your site ready as you want.

Let’s calculate how much I increased my earning by updating my skills. In 2018 my yearly earning was $2,472 and in 2019 yearly earning was $21,570 means a $19,098 difference or 772.573% of sales growth.

Conclusion: Try a little bit differently, Your story can be more amazing than others. What works for others may not work for you. So I always suggest thinking a bit differently like the way you are. Hope my story will inspire you to be more productive. This was the purpose of writing this post. Stay strong, much love and God bless.


Congrats on the great growth! If you repeat the 700% growth in 2020, you’ll be up to 165k a year :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw, May-Aug 2018 was catastrophic in terms of cancels. What happened?

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165K a year sounds too AWESOME, LoL! Though I have set 60K as the milestone this year.

In May-Aug 2018, I was facing some difficulties with the clients. One had problems with his web hosting service and also he didn’t want to use some other hosting service at that moment. So, he cancelled the order after I completed the work even though I wasn’t at fault. And the other client wasn’t happy because I had multiple orders in queue and she needed the project delivered super fast. BTW, she placed the order without contacting me as well. So, she cancelled the project.

I have been studying these cases and trying to improve my understanding of the clients mind and providing better service.

Thank you

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I’m a bit more conservative for this year, 60k is a pretty great salary in most places.

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I am motivated.
Keep winning friend

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Thank you @samandcathe so much. I am glad to know that you are inspired by my story. Pray for me so I can share more experience in the future.

@visualstudios Yes, It is a good salary for me. But to achieve this goal I have to do lots of hard work. Thanks, mate for your comments. I wish you good luck this year.