Good luck to all of you!


Does “Till Feb 15th” mean the deadline to submit is Feb 14th 11:59pm? or Feb 15th 11:59pm?

I only saw this contest 3 days ago :c


Today is the last day of submission…You wont be able to submit it tomorrow…


Can you use date please? Since we are all in different time zones, my today could be your tomorrow. (For example when it is 11pm Feb 14th for me, it is 3pm Feb 15th in Australia)

So when you say “tommorow” I dont know what day your on. As for me, it is 2am Feb 15th. So Feb 15th just started. I want to know should I continue, or drop it now that it’s passed Feb 14th 11:59pm (in EST). Can i get some definitive information on this someone?


I think the whole information has been provided in the mail you received…The mail i received has a entry form link and when i click to it there is a headline says “Submit your design by Wednesday, February 15th, for the chance to be awarded $300.”

I thinks its early morning there of 15th February, so you have the whole day to submit it…There is no particular link to ask regarding any query at the mail. CS may help!!


Ok Thanks for your reply.

I saw all that in the mail, It was only unclear as to what “By Wednesday, Feb 15th” meant. It could mean “as long as it is still Feb 15th we are accepting submissions” or "By the time Feb 15th comes, all entries should be submitted.

Usually contests rules give a specific time stamp and even time zone when the entries are still being accepted. So i found this wording a bit vague. Anyway, its ok.

Truthfully, it is Feb 15th right now; even though it is not morning yet. So if I were to be disqualified, I would already be. So I’ll go to bed and hope you are right.

Thanks and Good Luck!


Fiverr Facebook official page has just shared about the contest…You can comment and ask about it there as well…I am not sure about it and don’t want anybody to loss this great opportunity…Good Luck


When do they announce the winners?


I don’t have any idea about it…result declaration date was not mentioned on the form…Just wait and watch…That’s all i can say…


So… this has gone about as well as expected then. You should stop enablling them. They still have a 2, maybe 3 year old boob cancer charity drive that went nowhere.


Ohh!! so all this for nothing…I hope we get the results this time and may the best wins.


They still have a 2, maybe 3 year old boob cancer charity drive that went nowhere.

Yikes, really???
Well, I did put in a good amount effort for making my card, I hope this one goes somewhere!
I hope they post the winners ( or email us, I dunno) somewhere on the website.
IF by any chance I win, I’ll post a stupid photo or a drawing of myself drinking wine.
If don’t win anything, I’ll just post the card I designed :stuck_out_tongue:


Ummm I want you to win But I also want to see the card. :confused:


Yes…I think everyone put their best for this contest…I want to win and go shopping after the results.


Whether You guys win or lose, do post your cards. I want to see the them whatever the results may be. :slight_smile:


I’m not gonna win i didn’t do any hardwork


wow it would be really sad if there is no winners. I want to see all the birthday cards too. I also put so much effort doing it!!!


Why so? it was a great opportunity…

@mariv88…yes …i also want to see where my card stand out of all other designs…


Because i am lazy as* i was late i remember it was 14th when i checked my mails and had some orders and revisions so i made it in 15 mins i guess lets see :stuck_out_tongue: I wish you all the very best


Check your emails if there is no email regarding contest, Then i guess its for atleast level 2 sellers because i received this mail

"Hi jhallawalla,
As one of the top illustrators on Fiverr, you’re invited to participate in our design contest to celebrate Fiverr’s 7th birthday!"

I think inviting everyone to this contest will make choices harder
and there will be a lot of designs i believe around 1 million

That’s also the case they limited the participants to 1 entry only