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Excited to be promoted to level 1 seller

I just completed all the requirements to be promoted to level 1 ( just completed 400$ )
but I am afraid because my on-time delivery rate is bad ( 82%)
Will I be promoted ??
and also I see that it’s not fair because when I deliver late I get (-5%) but when I deliver on time to compensate that I only get (+1%)
what do you think ?

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You can’t get promotion if some requirements are in red. They all need to be green. You will need to wait till you have on-time delivery 90%++. You might get to 90% till 15th tho


I won’t be able… because I will have to deliver 8 new orders on time because they only give me (+1%) per every delivery on time !

If you had late order around 2 months ago, then you might get it till 15th, but if you had it recently, you would probably need to wait till next evaluation. Just avoid late deliveries in future

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Avoid late deliveries for a month or two, and you should be good to go. You won’t be promoted as long as the stats aren’t in the green. Your on-time stat at the moment is too low for you to be promoted.

Keep working on getting that delivery time up. It counts the last 60 days, so if all of your deliveres in the next couple of months are on time, and your other stats are as green as green can be, you’ll be promoted soon enough!

Good luck :slight_smile:

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thank you for helping me… I am trying to make early deliveries but my on-time stat keeps lowering because it takes (-5%) for every late delivery but gives only (+1%) on the on time delivery

Then don’t deliver late! Plan your time.

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If you are consistently delivering late, you should extend your gig’s delivery time - from 2 days to 4, for example.

And just fyi - unlimited revisions attract the wrong kind of buyer. Set your revisions to a reasonable amount … or don’t offer any at all!