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Excited to be Top Rated Sellers!

Hello everyone!

Through long journey finaly i got requirements for Top Rated Seller ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
i hope i got picked as Top Rated seller LOL :rofl:
if you guys have experiences about Top Rated Seller may you can share with me :slight_smile:
thats will be helping me a lot


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Are you saying that you hope not to be picked as a TRS? Your sentence is confusing. From your title, it seems you are looking forward to being chosen? :thinking:

EDIT: I wish you luck in getting TRS, I am close, but I am not sure I am ready. It seems like a big responsibility.


I hope that you will get selected as a TRS soon. Keep up the good work and you will be ranked soon :slight_smile:

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Probably all that you are lacking is a bit of self confidence.

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sorry miss spelling haha

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yes im excited bcs its will be new journey and experiencing :smiley:

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It’s not really terribly exciting. In fact not much different. I suppose it would be if it was new for you.

You’re TRS; you’ve worn the badge for so long, I don’t expect you to feel any different.:grin:

I felt like one before I was one. I work like a fiend. I really believe people know they should be one long before they become one.

It’s for people who know exactly how qualified they are, how well they deliver, how much effort they put in and how good they are at customer support, and communications.

I can’t contest this at all. Kudos!!

As @vickiespencer rightly mentioned, many of us aren’t ready, and most of us are only waiting for a big break as new sellers.

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