EXCITING! First week, first order!


Hi fiverr team,

Don’t give up. It is possible.

I am new to fiverr. I just wanted to post a note here and let everyone know that I just got my first order in my first week. I have delivered my work and I am now waiting for a buyer review. I am hoping this will help me get even more orders as I know how important reviews are.

For anyone discouraged, it is possible…

If anyone has any questions please post below and I will try and answer.



Awesome, Ryan! :tada:

Love your positive attitude! :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S ~ Welcome to Fiverr & The Community!


Thx @nikavoice how is your selling going?


Your gigs are awesome and you’re right in Fiverr’s sweet spot: Gigs that help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Once you put up some gig videos, your stuff will pop.

Congratulations. :slight_smile:


Congratulations for your first order
you will certainly remember it no matter how many other orders you make.wish you the best


Congratulations for your first order


Actually nothing happened my first week. YOu have to advertise what you do and try to help someone else with their own business opportunities. Kinda like a buddy system of things to do.

I am excited that my studio animation is going forward. Advertising at the school was just a waste of time. Really.


it’s a good idea. @michaelgamoras


Thank you @selfors I have been debating adding videos and testing the impact. I am not sure if I want to reveal my identity so publicly right now. I work with some very successful businesses (helping them sell more) and have my prices heavily discounted just to help validate some of my hypotheses. If I am successful, my plan is to reveal my brand more publicly.

Do you think if I do an animated video without showing my face it would help improve my gigs?



Thx @wassimbenammar. Maybe I should print it off, put it in a frame and place it on my desk!


Thx @phuong06061994!


Goodluck @michaelgamoras! I always say, if it was easy, someone else would have done it.


Yea it would improve it a lot


Thx for the tip @sp_branding


It’s worth a try. My experience on Fiverr has been that people who use explainer videos seem to miss the golden window of eight seconds or so at the beginning of a video when so many people disengage. Your unique selling proposition needs to come right at the viewer without wasting time on graphical, musical or question based introductions like, “Are you looking for someone to…?” These are all disengagement methods not engagement methods. If you can get right to the point with your explainer video, it might be worth a shot.


Congrats man!

I will never forget my first client and first order. It was like a dream, and the rest was history


Wish you best of luck.


You are lucky, this has not happen always


Animation? oh no its not easy. but you knew that. right


Thx @ollydave. I’m going to keep grinding!