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❗ Now I can't dare to raise my starting prices 🤯


I was going to raise my starting prices beginning on January 1. Now I can’t risk doing that because it will cut down on my number of orders.

Why can’t I cut down on my number of orders per month? Because it will
skew the new analytics.

If I have less orders, then each cancellation will count against me even more.

If I have half the monthly orders I get, then even one cancellation could put me below the minimum percentage of 90% to stay at my current level.

So… no more raising my prices due to this.


Yeah, I feel you! The new minimum requirements don’t seem very thought-out. So many flaws and holes in it that ruin many great ideas and plans for improving sales.


Wouldn’t a raise to your prices earn you more serious buyers who may not cancel as often? Thus reducing your cancellations?

How many cancellations do you have where the buyer is clearly NOT a very frugal (putting it nicely) person?

Not sure, I haven’t had a cancellation yet.


Yes that is exactly why I wanted to do it so it’s a balancing act. I guess I should still try it but … it’s risky.

Sometimes a buyer will order by mistake, or decide they ordered the wrong thing, or even be a competitor who orders then cancels deliberately. Or there is the occasional chargeback.


I guess I haven’t had any of those experiences yet. (I’m still only a level 1 with only 20 orders processed…)

Man… why didn’t I think of that? Oh yeah… I’m a good person.


Yes, you’re right. I’ve had cancellations on $5 orders, I’ve had cancellations on $200 orders. I don’t understand the other spiteful sellers though. Just because they try to bring down the ratings of one other seller doesn’t mean that their buyers are going to order from them, let alone be able to find them out of the millions of buyers already on here. But I guess there are wackos everywhere!


I have placed a solution for reducing cancellation in fiver sellers tips. May be it can help you.


You know, it’s really irritating when people say things like this.

I am a serious buyer. I’ve been buying here for a long time. I’ve made purchases that cost $100’s, but I still like to buy $5.

Whenever I’m trying someone new (not newbie but someone I haven’t bought from), I don’t want to risk a lot of money.

If you’re going to automatically make assumptions that $5 buyers are scammers or troublemakers that’s really unfair. How would you like it if I automatically made that same assessment on sellers?

I hate to tell you this but I believe there are just as much troublemaker, scam sellers on 5r as there are buyers.


Nothing wrong with being frugal - short arms and long pockets are mandatory where I come from! :wink:


These changes are going to lead to risk for all sellers at all but level 0, and it could go either way. Raising prices or lowering prices could help or hurt depending on so many factors. The thing is, since this will affect all sellers in some fashion, it will be a little different than changes Fiverr has made that only impact a certain level or one statistic. It will be interesting for sure and I think we can only guess at the ramifications. You won’t be alone, though, regardless of what happens.


I had since 2015 3 cancellations. Once I cancelled because the buyer knew everything better (at least thought so), what was twisting my ba…, once I cancelled because the buyer was a prick and once I cancelled because the buyer wasn’t entirely happy, but I wanted him to.

Ever since I raised my prices I had no cancellation at all. Aside from the fact that it was always me who cancelled and that it can be a coincidence, I think that the quality of the buyers increased since my new pricing.

Just do it. You can always go back when s… hits the fan.


I’d like you to please point out exactly what I said that didn’t sit right with you.

I didn’t intend to make any broad declarations about frugal individuals, I merely said that most people who are willing to risk more money tend to be more serious (and have done a lot more research into who to buy from). That doesn’t infer that serious buyers don’t spend $5 once in a while.

I spent $5 on the first three gigs I purchased from new sellers (they were even TRS), I wanted to get a feeling for their work.

But the difference is those sellers had $5 and then the next package up was $85-$100. They had a couple of $5 gigs, but most of their gigs were $30-$500.

See my point above, I’m not making that assumption. You’re inferring that from my statement and overgeneralizing it for dramatic effect.

I agree. Who would pay $5 for 5000 words? Either the seller is selling the same 5000 words, or they don’t value their time. I wouldn’t want to pay someone to write for me that doesn’t value their own time.


I think cancellations will be a percentage of your overall orders, so as the number of sales drop, so does the number of cancellations. Misscrystal already knows this…for everyone else… every time you have a cancellation, it is an opportunity to tighten up your videos and descriptions to eliminate confusion. I changed mine 8 to 10 times. It is sometimes the customers fault, but most of the time, tighter descriptions will eliminate confusion.

It is very important to help keep people from cancelling. A cancelled order on Fiverr is a major hassle for the buyer. They are in a position to get frustrated and not use the site anymore. It is good that Fiverr is taking steps to make the sellers help carry that burden.

I am definitely for rate increases. Looking at your account, I have some ideas. I was wondering what the percentage of orders are repeat customers? You can private message me if that is better.

You will change your customer base when you move from $5. What you don’t want to do if quit services the $5.00 customers in hopes that you replace the sales with other $10 or $20 clients. It would be nice to transition. That is why I am wondering what the repeat business is.

You also have to consider the business that is on Fiverr. Is there buyers buying spells for $10.00 and $25.00. Successful gigs will prove that it works before you have to try it.

Anytime you can offer less at the $5.00 mark and then add add-ons that raise the price, it can raise your rates without raising the posted prices.


$5 buyers are not often repeat clients. At least half my buyers are repeat buyers, so I don’t feel I will lose much if they go, although I do manage to upsell about half of them. But they still are not the repeat buyers.

I thought I would try out the higher prices on all my gigs. In my category though, it may be hard to start above $5. I really can’t tell what would happen but it’s worth a try. Most cancellations are $5 buyers.

After that last $5 buyer I had the other day I’m really wary of them. One of those is one too many.


You could move half of them to $10.00. That would test the waters and possibly cut your cancellations in half. I totally understand the anxiety related to changing things.

You also could move 1 of them to $10.00 each month. That may help build some confidence.

When I moved from $5.00 to $25.00 on my whiteboard, Later I realized that there were $25.00 customers that were not buying my $5.00 products. It’s like there was a $25.00 market of buyers. They were actually less needy than the $5.00 market. I did see that there was a $25.00 market on Fiverr before I moved. I could see other providers selling them.

Interesting Statistics of Flyers & Posters

You don’t even know me, so whose making generalization here? Looks like you’re the one who is going for the “dramatic effect.”

Geesh. Talking about going overboard. I’m not sure where all this anger is coming from.


I am pretty much agreed with you. Raising prices is a standard business tact for avoiding or marginalizing undesired customer group.


@misscrystal this is my honest advice : WAIT

Fiverr is clearly getting rid of a lot of gigs right now. Just wait till things calm down a bit and then change the prices which I highly recommend. I was sooooo hesitant when I raised my prices and I can confidently say it was a great choice.


I have four gigs that start at $10 for about 8 months now, and they once were big sellers but as soon as they went to $10 sales completely stopped on one and the rest have a tiny trickle. All of these were major sellers before.

My category is very cheap. It’s the fun impulsive category where people throw away $5 for fun. Raising prices to $10 killed all four of those. I’m not sure if it’s because they are invisible or what.


The first time my gig disappeared I made changes. Yet, many did not and the ones who did not seem to recover quickly. Now with the new evaluation process by Fiverr you wonder if making any changes would be counter to Fiverr’s evaluation or if you saw any change, once the evaluation happen your gigs would once again be invisible to the world. Frustration and burn out has set in. I wish I could focus on giving the clients what they want and not on Fiverr’s ranking system but if your gig is not visible, you won’t have any clients to focus on.