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Exclusive gig Covid-19 related

Hello everyone!

A little info about myself. My name is Dmitriy, I’m from Russia, currently self isolated in my house in the woods with my fiancé and our cat. My main occupation is event management, but the industry is down and I’m back in the Fiverr business during this unpredictable time. God bless the internet and Fiverr team in particular.

On fiverr I offer promotional services for metal/rock bands and musicians, constantly thinking how to improve my services and offer something new and exclusive. So while burning another big chunk of firewood in the fireplace I’ve come up with an idea to make real burning logos out of wood! Just like in the attached reference pic.

the armed spreading joy|500x500

It meets all the self isolation requirements, eco friendly (I clean up the forest from the dead or fallen trees) and also very picturesque and exclusive in my opinion. What do you think?

I will greatly appreciate any tips for improving my gigs and any advises where should I promote it except my social media accounts of course!

Cheers and stay safe!


This is a very interesting idea!

You state in the gig that the samples are not your own. I applaud you for your honesty, but you really should attempt to make a sample of your own. I do think you’re capable of this, but I’m concerned that you’re under-pricing yourself, or underestimating the time it will take.

There are many benefits to building a sample. For one you’ll make sure your pricing/time estimates are correct. Two is that you can add a video to your gig (this kind of gig I think will strongly benefit from a vid). Three, you can make sure your own camera equipment can handle the low-light necessary to handle fire-pictures (and if the images are good enough for slow-motion, as that could be a package feature if it works). Four, you can get a feel for the necessary weather conditions for optimal burn/image (wind might be a huge concern for both fire safety and noise in video).

I’ll assume you already have the necessary burn permits for your location, and safety features in place such as a large dirt/gravel spot cleared of underbrush. :fire: :fire_extinguisher:

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Thank you very much for your comments! They are really useful!
Yes, it is all true. Going to work on that for sure!

Thank you very much again!