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Exclusive on fiverr meaning


I joined Fiverr a few months ago and to get my video approved , I had to include “exclusive on Fiverr” in it.

I don’t like that, so I contacted CS to understand the rationale behind this and I still didn’t get a satisfying answer.

I do voice overs and I also teach. How on earth do fiverr managers think that I will only teach and work on their site? I could barely make $50 in the last three months. I am a freelancer and I have to work elsewhere , even with fiverr competitors.

I have religious and ethical reservations against lying, and I still want to be here.

Has anyone contacted CS before and got a different answer or understood from them that it’s OK to work elsewhere?


Reply to @emanhelal: Glad to help. :slight_smile:


If you want to sell your service on fiverr then you have to include that in the video you use here.

You can make a separate video for other sites where you work. But you cannot advertise your services that you provide outside of fiverr on your videos here.


Why don’t you say something like this $5 teaching gig, or this $5 voiceover gig is exclusively on fiverr. That way you don’t lie or break any rules :slight_smile:


It means that you sell your service exclusively for $5 on For example, I wrote 2 Fitness programs that I sell exclusively on Fiverr. You won’t find them anywhere else.

But if we talk about voiceovers, you can clearly earn money on different platforms. The exclusive offer only relates to what you are giving for $5.


It just means that the thing you will do for $5, will only be offered on Fiverr. Feel free to offer anything else anywhere you want.


So, you guys believe that “exclusive” refers to the price and not the talent?


The exact thing that you are offering here has to be only available here. No need to lie. If you offer something very similar elsewhere, just make some small change to what you’re selling on Fiverr to make it unique.


Reply to @itsyourthing:

I teach English and do voiceovers. How can I change that? Do you mean like change the class duration or the word count of the voiceover script?


Reply to @emanhelal: Yes, just like that. But it may be even simpler… do you produce 200 word voiceover files for $5 anywhere else? If you don’t, that’s already a Fiverr exclusive. Do you teach 40 minute English lessons anywhere else for $5? In short if you do not offer exactly the same thing anywhere else online and using the same username, you’re fine. You’re not breaking any rules here.

Fiverr just want’s sellers to have a “deal” that is only available through Fiverr.


Reply to @itsyourthing:

Thank you. That clears it out for me.