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Exclusive price for a client, How?

Another question…Sorry if there is the same question…I didn’t find…
If I got a client and i need to make an “exclusive” price for him, not from my gigs…is it possible? How can I do that? The most of time some clients needs more exclusive price for different jobs…

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You can send him/her costume offer inside the chat


Right, but after an agreement, do I have to make a “gig” only for this customer, to make “official” at Fiveer?

No - all offers from inside chat are attached to one of your existing gigs. I have a catch all gig for offers that don’t fit anywhere else.

Bear in mind this guy’s idea of “exclusive price just for him” may well be less than your standard prices … just say no, in that case.


Thank you so much for clarifications!

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