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Exclusive Tips To Get First Order


You might disagree with me, but personally I don’t think you are an expert.
For example, you’re promising error free typing, yet your gig image has a typo in it.

I also checked your PowerPoint video and it’s probably a matter of taste, but most businesses are looking for a clean & simple design, not animations. I used to be a trainer so I’d like to think I’m an advanced user in PowerPoint. If I was looking for a presentation design then I would cut out those distracting animations and focus on content that is presented in a simple and professional way.

Check the portfolio of some of the top rated sellers. You’ll see that there’s a big difference in quality.
If you really want to provide PowerPoint services then buy a few templates with a commercial license and try to offer those with customization.
For example, get a multipurpose template from and use that as a base. However, keep in mind that those templates need to be purchased for each client separately.

The bottom line is that you can sell whatever service you like and you don’t need to listen to us :slight_smile:
However, since you asked I shared my honest opinion and it’s up to you if you take it or not.


I can make simple presentation without animations
And it’s ok I don’t mind


I totally agree with this method. Just be honest and lay down the foundation to your success. Its a lot of work but the results will be worth.


Good stuff, thanks for this information.


thank you so much.I’ll follow your tips and hope to get my first order soon.


thank you .I agree with you.


Good work brother :slight_smile:


Wow! So many interesting tips here @uxreview.


Thank you so much for your helpful tips…


good suggestion for new seller


Thanks for your tips :fu::fu:


How can I create unique gig title.Can you give me some idea?


thank you for your valuable tips


Can you give me some idea


Why social media like twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, pinterest so much important ???
please informe me…


Shortern but informative.


arifulme really great


Took your great advice and it has been working out very well for me! Thanks!