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Exclusive Tips To Get First Order

A strategy that works perfectly for one person does not mean that it will equally work the same for you. Set your own strategies and work towards them. If it doesn’t work, there is always an option B “USE ANOTHER STRATEGY”. All the best


Agree with you 100%
Thanks for your importent tips


Thank you for the great tips.

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Great tips. I’ve found that marketing gigs is really hard!

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thank you…sir


Active fiverr forum 5 hr daily and help to each other

Being active on the Fiverr forum DOES NOT guarantee more orders. It can certainly help you learn how to become a better seller, but it does not, in any way, improve your gig “ranking” or guarantee more orders.


That’s a terrible investment of time and it makes zero business sense. Why do people recommend things they clearly don’t understand at all?

Even if being active in the forum brings a seller business (It doesn’t and you have no evidence to think that it does), five hours of work every day would mean that you’d have to get at least $60 in sales per day (at the very least, supposing you only want to earn minimum wage) to break even on the time you spend on the forum. That’s breaking even, not making a profit.

And you have zero evidence that you can even earn that amount every day. I assure you you need better business skills to earn even $60 per day here, let alone more.


Thanks for your tips

These are the basic tips given by everybody. But there are some hidden tricks as well but I didn’t get these tricks from anyone. Alhumdulillah I got these tricks by researching fiverr marketplace and will apply these asap inshaAllah.

Thats nice and quite informative and impressive .Thanks

Hi Fiverr Seller,
Its my fourth day on fiverr after long time gap
Can anybody tell me where offers or request will show at my dashboard
Messages and Orders segments shows empty
please guide

You’ll see them. They’ll be in the middle of your dashboard. You’ll also have notification flags alerting you to the orders and, if your email is set up to notify you, you’ll receive emails telling you you got the order. These will have links in them that will open up the order when you click on them.

Thanks for your prompt response
its fourth day, so will it take time for offers and request and I should wait

Don’t just wait. Research the forum and elsewhere. Read up about business, sales and marketplaces. Always research and work on improving your business. Waiting never got anyone a sale.


many thanks for your reply and support

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Hundreds of people ask this in the forum. Do your research to see them and the responses instead of asking something repetitive. You won’t grow in your business if you don’t take initiative and research.

Also, this is off-topic. Please don’t use someone else’s topic to ask a question and get attention.


great tips .Thank you so much.:heart_eyes:

So many questions :slight_smile: What do you consider “profitable keywords”? How do I “set skills properly”? And are you really staying active online for 24 hours a day? :woozy_face:

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