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Exclusive Tips To Get First Order

I can give you some tips who are new sellers, i hope that you will get success.

  • Create a unique and professional gig title with profitable keywords
  • Set a gig picture which can impress the buyers and the image has to be neat and clean, high resolution
  • Share your gig social media like twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, pinterest etc
  • To get more buyer request set your skills properly and nice overview to your profile.
  • Finally wait, do work hard , try to acquire new skills and try to stay active online 24 hours.



The gig picture should be your image and not one of a model, movie star or one you have stolen from another place online. Sellers can do a google search to check if the picture is yours or not. If it is not then they will think you are not honest and will not trust you.

I am not online 24 hours, and I get many sales. People need to sleep, :sleeping_bed: and buyers are aware of that. If buyers want to order from you, they will message you with questions or simply place an order and wait for you to respond.

Sellers should also make sure not to copy parts of the descriptions other sellers use in their gigs. Again buyers will not trust you if you are a thief of other sellers words.


What do you consider to be “profitable keywords”? Perhaps you can clarify your meaning.

This should NOT be an image of a pretty girl that is not you, a celebrity or anyone famous. It should, instead, represent YOU as a seller – whether that be a photo of YOU, or some of your own artwork. Never, ever, ever steal images from the internet.

This is bad advice – UNLESS the people you are connected to on those social media sites are your target customers. Most people, however, are only connected to their friends on social media. Your friends are not your customers, and by posting your gig links all over social media sites, with your friends being the only people that see those links, what you’re really doing is just spamming your friends.

If you want to find your customers, figure out who the people that need your services are, and go tell THEM about what you do. They are the only people that will purchase your services.

Good heavens, no. Never sit around and wait. Waiting does not build businesses. Find ways to be productive, constantly doing something that will improve your business – whether that be marketing, learning new skills, taking out ads, etc. And for Pete’s sake, do not advise people to be online 24 hours a day. You’re not going to get any more orders being online all the time, than you would off. Like I said, sitting around and waiting for sales is a terrible, terrible, TERRIBLE business strategy.

You do not have to be online to gain sales. Customers can click the buy button on your order packages at any time of the day, even while you are sleeping. You can easily sign into Fiverr when you get notifications of sales. Don’t sit around wasting your time waiting… build your business, live your life.

Think like a businessman, work like an entrepreneur.


Really , i am happy to understand and i have learnt a lot of things. Thanks @jonbaas and @vickiespencer .


thank u for your gd trips


yes!! your point is right. and keep touch with fiverr forum. :blush:


Doing all this but still not getting orders


Thank you so much for your tips but may be its better to do marketing in a right way!!



Great Tips.Thanks. i will Try to Follow These.

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Keep us posted. Come back in a month and tell us how you’re doing :wink:


Sure.I will let you know.

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Then maybe you need to do more of “that stuff”. If something isn’t working out the way you want it to, then find other ways to make it work. Trying things one way, and then complaining when you don’t see any success from that one way, is not a good way to run a business.

There are always many ways to achieve something. Find those new ways.


Nothing is working​:disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:

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You don’t have to give up so soon my dear. Every business needs patient and hard working, to succeed. Don’t give up so soon , try to figure out where you are getting it wrong.


Hire a mentor or a marketing specialist.


Can you check my profile and gigs?

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I’m no marketing expert, but here’s what I would do

  1. Delete the gig with 3.7 rating. It won’t change your overall rating, but this is the first thing I notice when I check your page. You didn’t write a proper explanation for it and it was given over a year ago so, delete the gig.
  2. Get rid of the irrelevant gigs. Delete your background removal, Word and PowerPoint gigs. These are simply low-quality gigs and you’re competing with thousands of others sellers. Focus on T-shirts.
  3. Hire a copywriter to re-write your gig description.
  4. Don’t explain your packages in the gig description. You can upload at least 3 images. For each package upload the design it includes and add a professional banner with the package name / cost / delivery time.
  5. Create multiple gigs for various themes. For example, 1 gig for funny logos, 1 gig for girls, 1 gig for men etc.
  6. If possible, make a few T-Shirts yourself and get a model to show them. Make a video if you can.
  7. If you can’t make a video then update your portfolio with actual photos.
    Here’s how a decent T-Shirt design photo should look like

PS. Don’t steal from others
We know where you took the description

If you’re quick about it then maybe we won’t report you and you get to keep your account.


I’m expert in Microsoft office I want to work in word and ppt if their description is not good I can change but why to delete?

You might disagree with me, but personally I don’t think you are an expert.
For example, you’re promising error free typing, yet your gig image has a typo in it.

I also checked your PowerPoint video and it’s probably a matter of taste, but most businesses are looking for a clean & simple design, not animations. I used to be a trainer so I’d like to think I’m an advanced user in PowerPoint. If I was looking for a presentation design then I would cut out those distracting animations and focus on content that is presented in a simple and professional way.

Check the portfolio of some of the top rated sellers. You’ll see that there’s a big difference in quality.
If you really want to provide PowerPoint services then buy a few templates with a commercial license and try to offer those with customization.
For example, get a multipurpose template from and use that as a base. However, keep in mind that those templates need to be purchased for each client separately.

The bottom line is that you can sell whatever service you like and you don’t need to listen to us :slight_smile:
However, since you asked I shared my honest opinion and it’s up to you if you take it or not.


I can make simple presentation without animations
And it’s ok I don’t mind