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"Exclusively on Fiverr." Mandatory for gig videos?


Hey fellow sellers,

I’m about to make my first gig video. Fiverr gives a few directions on what they require, and they “suggest” that you include the phrase, “Exclusively on Fiverr.”

Is this really a suggestion? Or is it a requirement?

I watched a few videos and they all contain that phrase. However, Fiverr is not the only way I get clients, so saying my services are “exclusively on Fiverr” would not be true.



I think that phrase is more of a suggestion than a requirement. Everyone has their own unique way to creating videos so do what you feel is best for your gig.


Topaz muse is correct, you don’t have to put anything in your video, especially if it isn’t true.


I – we – can only go by what Fiverr states, and they do suggest that “Exclusively on Fiverr” be visible in gig videos. If Fiverr considers this something worthy of noting in their directions, then it’s probably important enough to include. And, truthfully, it isn’t all that hard to make sure that those words appear in a video.

I think – and this is just my own analysis here – I think that Fiverr asks that those words appear in every video, because videos can go viral (they may even be shared on Youtube). Other people, not on Fiverr, may see those videos, and when they do, that turns those gig videos into marketing tools – both for the person who manages that gig, and for Fiverr itself.


Jonbaas is correct. In addition, putting it in makes it much less likely to have the video removed.


I totally get why they want sellers to do it, and I would add it without question if it were true. However, I don’t wish to be dishonest in any of my marketing materials. If necessary, maybe I can get creative and say these prices or something about the experience is exclusively on Fiverr, rather than the service itself.


I’m sure it doea make it less likely to be removed, and I wonder if they even favor videos that include the phrase in searches. However, it doesn’t feel right for my to say my services are available exclusively on Fiverr when that is not true.


If you are offering a gig that seeks to sell those services, then yes, those services on Fiverr are available exclusively on Fiverr.