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Exclusively on Fiverr means?

Hi, I’m relatively new to fiverr and I’m pretty sure this is not the right place for this post and apologize for that - all I wondered was this:
I’m in the process of creating a short video for a gig I’m hoping to post and saw that I could (though I don’t think it’s necessary?) add ‘exclusively on fiverr’

This got me wondering - does that mean if I offer my services for, say, researching, on fiverr I can’t research for people in my home town? Or on other sites?

What does the 'exclusively on fiverr refer to ?

Thank you. - If I’m in the wrong forum topic please move me or let me know where to post - thanks!

Yes, exactly that. Exclusively on Fiverr means that you offer that specific service only on the Fiverr platform. If you don’t want to be exclusive, simply don’t say it. It’s better than to look like a liar. :slight_smile: