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.exe file



Just been sent a script to carry out for a customer - and it had an exe file in it which they claim to be a compressed AVI file. I stupidly opened it. Nothing happened and I’ve done a full virus/spyware scan but since I asked them for the uncompressed version they’ve gone quiet. I’m convinced they tried to send me a virus.

What should I do?


They sent the script as well, but ever since I asked them to send the original video they’ve gone silent. I’ll do as you suggest.


I would also upload it to virus total and scan it there. I hate to say this but the worst case scenerio is that it could be carrying a malicious payload that is not detected by any scanner, especially if it is custom written and does not have a known footprint. If you notice your computer behaving strangely or a lot of unusual network activity then there is something going on and at the very least I would ensure your firewall is blocking any unknown outgoing traffic. I would never open an exe file from anyone that I do not know as it could just start formatting your hard drive without any user interaction or worse put a keylogger on your computer.


Opening unknown .exe files is a big NO NO. Follow Mark’s advice.