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.exe file

I would like to offer a gig but will require me to send the end product in a stand alone .exe file. Is this allowed?

Reply to @ramesh_samane: I have to disagree with you: I code small and large apps (some app took me months to be fully coded and tested) and I’ve never had any trouble.

Be clear with your instructions and, when taking large projects, split them in chunks so you can deliver step by step and you buyer can see the ongoing project and ask for early modifications instead of changes that could be hard to code when the app is complete.

I think, most probably, your buyers would want source code, and would like to have full rights on what you have delivered.

Please check Fiverr TOS, and if you want to sell a software product as a standalone, and charge for additional customised modifications, it might be possible. Check with customer support, and if some guys on this forum have experience about it, they will guide you.

And, don’t work on any big projects here on Fiverr, unless you have a full trust in your buyers. Chargebacks are common here. You should use other platforms that offer Escrow, for such projects.

Hope this helps.

It’s absolutely allowed!!

I’m a desktop apps developer and my deliveries are always exe files :slight_smile:

Reply to @mark74: I would be interested in knowing, if you sell source code for a greater price. As far as I guess, you may not be doing that, and you should not.

And, do you get any requests from the buyers to customise your apps, and what’s your strategy in charging for such requests?

I am just asking this as a curiosity.

Reply to @ramesh_samane: take a look at my coding gig and you can have all the answers you need.

Why do you think I’m not allowed to sell source code for a greater price? Where did you read in Fiverr TOS I’m not allowed to do this?

By the way, I do not customize apps, I create apps from scratch for my customers instead.

Reply to @mark74: I am not saying you’re not allowed to sell source code, but just suggesting you should not, because you’re selling a product. You can charge extra, if customers want to have some additional features.

Reply to @mark74: Buyers can file a chargeback till 6 months you deliver your work. Imagine you worked on a large project for 5+ months, got paid, and buyer filed a chargeback. You lost all your efforts, in spite you did an excellent job. Fiverr will recover the amount from your balance, and if you have less or zero balance, the amount would be shown as a negative balance.

The sites using Escrow system guarantees seller for such fraudulent activities. They have an insurance policy to cover up for such incidents.

Reply to @ramesh_samane: no, I’m not selling only a product, I’m selling a full service. And in this service, when required and paid with proper extra, source code can be included.