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Expected Duration Can't be Blank

Hi fellow sellers!

It seems like something strange is going on with my “My gigs”. For the past few weeks I’ve been trying to list my gigs but I can’t go past the price page???
The delivery time on this page is BLANK however, it won’t let me save and continue… with the error message " Expected Duration can’t be Blank"…
Please help, I am very frustrated… I reached out to the Fiverr helpdesk many times but they have ignored me…

Thank you!


If possible, try and delete that gig and remade it.
If that gig is not made for too long and don’t have much sell.

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I am experiencing the same problem. If you find a solution please share. Thank you.

did you find out the answer? having the same problem

Having the same issue. Reported it to customer support. I’ll post my results here if and when they help. I tried different web browsers and no help. I think it’s a site issue.

Having the same problem and it is now August 2016. The box is empty for Delivery Time but it will not let me enter anything. When I click on it the box turns blue and the Light bulb to the right displays a message with Delivery Time expectations. User Design needs some work here…