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Expected earnings shown incorrectly

I think there is a possible bug in the system. I received two orders recently. Both are ongoing orders. However, the Expected Earnings in the Revenues page shows earnings from only one of them. Moreover, one of the orders is not recorded on the Earnings dashboard.

Is it something to worry about?


Well it makes me wonder whether or not you are aware of the Fiverr commission

They take 20% right? That leaves me with 80%, doesn’t it? 80% of $205 is $164. Fiverr records show only $132. Moreover, the system seemed to have not registered one confirmed order!

Was part of it a tip?

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Are you sure it is only in dollars? Sometimes Fiverr seems to mix currencies in different pages.

I got two separate order, one for $165 and the other for $40. Hence, I should’ve got $132, and $32 for a total of $164. However, it only shows earnings from the first order.

Yeah, it is in USD. Everything is displayed in USD for me.

Has the offer not showing been accepted by the buyer?