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Expecting My First order On Fiverr

As a newbie on fiverr, I have choose to be devoted on fiverr and always show online to let the buyer see me as a serious seller who is ready to deliver a good job at exact time. I can’t wait to see serious buyers knocking my box with message of order.

An experience graphics design, I can design any designs comes my way and it shall be more that the expectation.


The thing you need to be careful about is expecting orders on Fiverr, just because you have gigs here. Fiverr does not guarantee any orders of any kind. But they do encourage sellers to take responsibility for their own success, and promote their gigs. Promotion usually brings in sales.

What are you doing to promote your gigs?


I think jonbaas pretty much covered everything that needs to be said, but allow me to add one more thing.
There are a LOT of business card design gigs here on Fiverr, and if you want to stand out you’ll need to make sure that you have the best image sample. I saw your sample images and I wasn’t so sure about the second one. It had rough ridges all around the card, and with all respect it looked far from looking like an image created by an experienced person. You might want to fix that.