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Expecting some tips from all members


Hi, Dear all members.
I’m new in fiverr. i am expecting some tips from you all

  1. Is my profile is ok?
  2. How to get my First job?
  3. how to send custom offerr?
  4. why I can’t see any buyer request


Hi there and welcome. You can find all your answers by copying and pasting your list into the search bar above.


thanks loganstover for your advice.


You can search for some youtube video for your query.


Please do not call me “bro”. “Bro” is extremely unprofessional… and I find it to be a bit offensive in nature. My username is “jonbaas”. You can refer to me by my name.


Tip. 1

Don’t call people seniors, alright? I’m 23 and I don’t want to be called a senior…ever.


sure Jonbaas, I will remember that


hehe, sure ssj1236. Thnks for your tip. I will rremember this tip


What specific area of your business have you identified as the one that needs most help?


Hey ssj1236, I think his meaning for senior is working senior like people who are working way more than him and experienced.


yes, loganstover, I have choosen wordpress for my service


yes right , bt he meant it by age, bt i meant it as experience


You are welcome Alaminmeraj.