Expecting some tricks from the experience freelancers


I create 5 gigs last week.
I also did some social marketing and send buyer request.
But till now, I don’t get any order even not a knock from clients.
I am expecting some tricks from the experience freelancers.
Happy Freelancing :hugs: :slightly_smiling_face:


You have 2 active gigs.


Every day, several times a day new sellers come to the Forum to ask for help. These new sellers should know that being a Fiverr seller takes time, effort and skill to be successful. There is no magic in getting orders. There are no tricks either. :wink:

Paul :man_singer:t2: is singing about all of the “tricks” and the advice he has collected together in one post for experienced freelancers to share with new sellers. He has information in his original article and there are 38 more posts he has added to his original article that also have many tips and “tricks” for new sellers. Happy reading! :nerd_face: :books:


no one response me that’s why I deleted


For heavens sake, you just joined Fiverr this month. Sales do not grow on :deciduous_tree:s! It is like fishing. :fishing_pole_and_fish: You need to be patient and wait for the customers to find you. In the meantime make sure your gigs are perfect. You can do that by reading @paulmaplesden post and some of the 38 others threads he has attached, that may apply to your situation. It took me 45 days to get my first order. Some people have been here over a year and still do not have even one order. The point is, Fiverr takes time and work to get the :tennis: rolling! Be patient and in the meantime work on getting Buyer Requests and making your gigs the best they can be. Good luck! :four_leaf_clover:


I have several gigs, and some of them I got an order right away.
Others, it took weeks ( one I think took more than 3 months) to get an order.

One thing you really need to keep in mind is that just because you created a gig
does not mean you are going to get an order right away.
There are many gigs that are similar to yours, you have a lot of competition.
Sadly, there are no tricks. There are tips though, be sure to click on the link Vickie
showed you up there.
I hope you are willing to read through all of that and all the other helpful links,
because that’s how I learned :slight_smile:


Me too Zeus. I spent many hours reading posts on the Forum like those that Paul has gathered together in one place before I got my first sale. Unfortunately, it seems like some sellers expect instant results or a magic :pill: to make buyers appear with :moneybag: and purchase their gigs. I am glad @paulmaplesden put together his post so we can share it with the new sellers. But as the old saying goes, “You can lead a :horse: to :ocean: but you can’t make it drink.”


Actually I REALLY admire the kindness/willingness and patience he had in order to put that thing together!! People might say meh, it’s just a string of links, but he put them all in different categories and gave a clear title to each of them.
That’s not something I’m willing to do…:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Yes, I silently thank @paulmaplesden each time a new seller asks for advice. It is so easy to post a link to his thread!


And why should that matter? You have the ability to do your own research and learn how Fiverr works on your own time. It’s not our responsibility to provide you with all of the information you want in order for you to be guaranteed of success.

YOU are responsible for your own success. Nothing we can say or do will make you successful and bring you sales. YOU need to learn, research, study, experiment, and discover what is necessary to help YOU to build your own success.

You’ve been here for, what, a week, maybe two? It’s time to get serious, get busy, and be realistic.

Good luck with your proactive freelancing career. I truly and genuinely hope your relentless, determined, ambitious hard work pays off.


One thing you’re missing out: pray.


have patience.Keep sending buyer requests,keep marketing and Keep gaining knowledge.


And OP often responds to them, giving them advice how to succeed. :smile_cat:


Thanks everyone - I love it just as much when people link others to it - it saves people having to retype the same thing, and is a win-win for everyone.