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Experience a new seller about the buyer

Hello everyone,
How are you today? Is everything ok? Do you get so many inboxes but they just try to ask the questions, ask for a demo, etc,… and What will you solve these problems.
Help me! I have met some buyers like that. I’ll be very happy to be received the advice from you all.
By the way, I hope you all will click the link below to visit my page and if my products are helpful for you. Don’t be shy to contact me!

Thank you so much!
Best regards,
Nhat Pham.

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We can do nothing actually…
I too get a lot of messages from such buyers. They ask questions and later say Oh, I hired someone else, I don’t have that much budget, this and that. We have to move on… Just see their profile and their language to know if they are trusted or not. If you feel a smell of fake people, just ignore them and go ahead.
All the best!

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thank you for your comment. I’ll think about your opinion next time!