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Experience a new seller to get first order and sovle some problem

Hello Everyone.
I was waiting and try to keep patience for half of month, but all my gigs still stay at the last page with no reason in my mind!
I really hope someone gets the same problem and have fixed it will let me know what’s happening with my page.
By the way, This is my link service: I hope all you guys will spend a tiny time to visit to check and give me some advice to make it better!!!

Best regards,
Nhat Pham.

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Hello, @nahtpv221 Thanks for your experience share! and you can try to more :slightly_smiling_face:

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thanks for your kind cmt! You too, try it on hihi

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What research have you done to see if people want this on Fiverr?

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hello, what do you mean about? I don’t understand well your mean!

That might be your problem.

Never create a gig unless you know people actually want it and want it on Fiverr.

To get sales, you need to research your market and understand them and THEN create your gig based on your findings. It’s clear that you don’t and it hasn’t even occurred to you to research your market (“no reason in my mind!”).

Until you learn more about how markets and sales work, you will not get sales.


thanks for your kind cmt! I get it now. You know, before I have created my gig, I have researched some products which goods the customer needs on Fiverr. But, I also think about my skill also. So, I must mix it with the market and my skill to create the gig fit for me to bring the best service for the buyer. I can’t depend on only the market to create the gig. I think!

“II can’t depend on only the market to create the gig. I think!” I don’t know what this means.

What you’re describing isn’t market research on Fiverr.

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I meant I can’t depend on the market on Fiverr to create the gig only, I must think about what skill do I have,
ex: If you find out the LoGo design is the good product on Fiverr’s market and almost the buyer they want. But your main skill is the translation, so will you force to create the gig about Logo design?
Do you understand now?

There are lots of things you can do to adapt to a market. If you don’t want to understand and adapt to your market, you WILL fail. Because it’s not about what you want to do. It’s about what they want and need.

Maybe you right. I’ll think about it! Thank you for the discussion!

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